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Article Date : 07 January 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Ngern - Wat Bangklan 


Luang Phor Ngern Buddhachote, former abbot of Wat Wangtago, Bangklan Sub-district, Potalae District, Pichit Province is without doubt the most famous monk to originate from Pichit province, respected both for his sacred power and amulets.

He was born on September 16th, B.E.2353 to the family of Mr. U and Mrs. Fug. Some historians record that he was born in B.E.2348 or B.E.2360. although the former date is believed to be the more accurate.

Aged three he moved to stay with his uncle until the age of 12 when he was ordained a novice at Wat Tongpu, (official name Wat Chanasongkram)

Aged 20 he finally was ordained a monk at the same temple, where he remained for a further three years before departing to Wat Kongkaram or Wat Bangklan Tai.

He remained here only for a year, not believing the atmosphere was conducive to meditation.

Before he left the temple, he paid homage to the temple's principle Buddha Image and took with him a small cutting taken from the Bhoti tree at the entrance to the temple.

He traveled north until he reached Wantago Village where he decided to pray to Lord Buddha. He asked if this location was suitable to build a new temple, and if so requested that he be shown a sign of encouragement from the cutting he had planted. 



The cutting grew becoming a beautiful Bhoti tree, and it was at this spot that LP Ngern built the temple now known as Wat Wantago.

This temple was located north of Wat Bangklan Tai and as such was often referred to as Wat Bangklan Nur or just Wat Bangklan.  

Initially Wat Wangtago only comprised of a single monk house of LP Ngern.

Locals observing his strict adherence to Lord Buddha’s dharma held him in great respect, and did all they could to assist him in the development of the temple which over time became quite prosperous.  

He was visited by scores of people on a daily basis, not only from Pichit but also neighbouring provinces. 

His powers to create protective sacred water had gained him considerable notoriety. 



Even Luang Phor Suk of Wat Makhamtao praised him and suggested to HRH Prince Chumbhorn Ket-Udomsak, that he should visit to learn scared sciences from Luang Phor Ngern.

The prince visited Wat Wangtago and remained there for almost 20 days becoming one of his best known disciples.