Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are you interested to run your own amulet business?

If so we can help !!

Buddhist-Amulets.Com are able to support you and your business whether it is supplying stock, access to copyright material or providing a complete package.


An Example Package:

A typical package would contain a website, hosting, amulets and access to our library of copyright data/artticles.

We have already installed payment gateways for paypal and credit card.  You are free to modify the website in any way you wish. In fact we have added certain functionality to the website to make this as easy as possible.


You are free to add your own stock or amulet stock sourced from us. Stock that we provide will be offered at a 25% discount.

Copyright Articles

You will have the rights to use our library of copyright articles to support your sales.


The only requirements to take advantage of this offer is to agree to the initial purchase of a quantity of stock form us. This stock wil be provided at 60% discount and will comprsie only of genuine high quality pims.  This will ensure your business is up and running immediately.


Time Scale

Typically you can expect to have your own amulet business on line with 48 hours or less.


We will support you as much as you wish including website updates , new stock, and articles.

However the most important support you will receive from us is the addition of your website to our ring of connected amulet businesses. This will provide your website with instant market positioning and traffic, and you can expect immediate sales as a result.

You woud expect to see a return of your investment within only few months of trading.