Frequently Asked Question

Q. COPYRIGHT - Can I republish your articles on the Internet?

Our online articles are protected by copyright.

Access to and use of our articles and locked articles is covered by our terms and conditions of use, which you are deemed to have accepted once you access this material.

Our terms and conditions of access have been kept as simple as possible and can be summarized in a few sentences.

Commercial Use
Our Terms and Conditions specifically prohibits commercial use of these articles. Use of  our articles for commercial, promotional, or marketing purposes requires explicit permission from Buddhist-Amulets.Com (Chris Jones)

Non Commercial Use
Permission must be obtained from to use any of these articles even for non commercial purposes such as blogs and forums. In general we will have no objections provided that you attribute the work correctly.

You must attribute the work in the manner specified by Buddhist-Amulets.Com (but not in any way that suggests that we endorse you or your use of our copyright material.)

Once you have approval to re-publish an article. You should clearly state the following immediately after the article text in a similar style to that used in the main body of text:


Article reproduced with permission of:

Third Party
Where content in the article is identified as belonging to a third party, it is the obligation of the user to ensure that any reuse complies with the copyright policies of the owner of that content.