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1.  Dta Hon Om, the dedicated layman (Article)
2.  Luang Phor Choi - Wat Takwai, Singburi (Article)
3.  Luang Phor Parn - Wat Bang Hia (Article)
4.  Luang Phor Lek - Wat Taa-It (Article)
5.  Luang Phor Noi - Wat Sesatong (Article)
6.  Ajahn Kong Wat Bansuan (Article)
7.  Luang Phor Leua (Article)
8.  Luang Phor Rung Wat Krabue (Article)
9.  Luang Phor Tong (AC Tong) Wat Pakor, Hat Yai (Article)
10.  Luang Phor Sri, Wat Angsila (Article)
11.  Luang Phor Hin (Article)
12.  Luang Phor Song (Article)
13.  Luang Phor Chaem - Wat Takong (Article)
14.  Luang Phor Tiam, Wat Gasatrathirat , Ayutthya (Article)
15.  Luang Phor Pong, Wat Khuhatsawan, Phasi Charoen (Article)
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