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1.  Luang Phor Samrit - Wat Tamfad (Article)
  Former abbot of Wat Tamfad, who first created the "Krob Mongkut Prajao Ceremony " and also credited with the discovery of sacred Leklai, which is known to have 108 kinds of magic power.
2.  Luang Phor Uttama (Article)
  Luang Phor Uttama was a famous monk of Kanchanaburi province and also respected as a leader of the Mon tribal citizens in Sangklaburi district.
3.  Luang Phor Top - Wat Chondan (Article)
  Luang Phor Top Dharmpun-yo, officially named Phra Kru Vichit Pacharacaharn was a former abbot of Wat Buddhabart Chondan District, Phetchanboon
4.  Luang Phor Toon - Wat Poh Nimitr (Article)
  Luang Phor Toon, Abbot of Wat Poh Nimitr, was born in Supanburi province. As an old time Guru monk, he still retains much love and affection today.
5.  Luang Phor Yit - Wat Nongjork (Article)
  Luang Phor Yit, formerly known as Mr. Yit Sidokbuab was born on the 10th June BE 2467 in Ban Huagruad Village, Napansam Subdistrict, Muang, Petchburi Province
6.  Luang Phor Phroma (Article)
  Luang Phor Phroma is a very sacred monk, who has studied the sacred sciences of Luang Phor Kruasang, the sacred teacher of Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Toh Promrungsi of Wat Rakangkositaram.
7.  Phra Kru Wat Nok - Luang Phor Fern (Article)
  Wat Nok , official name, Wat Sakunaram, is a famous temple of Angtong Province. Established during the Kingdom of Ayudhya it was deserted for decades until renovated by Luang Poo Ferng, a monk better known for the creation of Pra Wat Nok amulets.
8.  Ajahn Chah (Article)
  Venerable Ajahn Chah (Phra Bodhiñāna Thera) was born into a typical farming family in a rural village in the province of Ubon Rachathani, N.E. Thailand, on June 17, 1918. He lived the first part of his life as any other youngster in rural Thailand,
9.  Luang Phor Nai - Sacred Gecko Amulets (Article)
  Luang Phor Nai - Sacred Gecko Amulets
10.  Luang Phor Nok - Wat Sangasi (Article)
  Luang Phor Nok was born on the 29th December BE 2392, Samut Prakan province. As a young boy he studied at Wat Bangbo, until the age of 15 when he was ordained a novice at Wat Kongkaew in the same province.
11.  Luang Phor Kaant (Article)
  Luang Phor Kaant although deceased several years ago is as highly respected today as he was during his lifetime
12.  Luang Phor Noi - Wat Dhamasala (Article)
  Luang Phor Noi, the former abbot of Wat Dhamasala, Nakonpathom province, was highly respected by the locals of that province and the neighboring provinces for his magic power.
13.  Luang Phor Niam - Wat Noi (Article)
  Luang Phor Niam, was a well known and highly respected monk from Wat Noi in Suphanburi province.
14.  Luang Phor Parn - Sacred Tiger Teeth Amulets (Article)
  The tiger has a profound spiritual, cultural, and ecological significance throughout most of Asia, a symbol of strength and power. Teeth from the tiger are often used to create amulets, which are said to imbue the owner with many of the renowned
15.  Luang Phor Daeng - Wat Khao Bandai-It (Article)
  Luang Phor Daeng, also known by his official title of Phra Kru Yan Wila was born in B.E.2421 (under the sign of the Cock) in Petchaburi province, Thailand. He was one of 12 offspring of a poor peasant family. He spent his childhood around the farm, h
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