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1.  Luang Phor Sodh (Article)
  The Master of the Vijja Dhammakaya Approach, the late Venerable Phra Mongkol-Thepmuni, is fondly known and revered throughout the land as Luang Phor Wat Paknam, or simply as "Luang Phor".
2.  Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Srimahapho (Article)
  Although many series of Luang Phor Thuad amulets have been consecrated and those crated at Wat Chang Hai are without doubt the most popular, many people unfortunately overlook equally sacred amulets created by one great Southern Monk, Luang Phor Daen
3.  Luang Phor Pern (Article)
  Luang Phor Pern Tithakunoe was Born in Thambon Bang Gaew Nakhon Pathom on the 12th of August 2466.
4.  Luang Phor Noi - Wat Tamasala (Article)
  Luang Phor Noi, the former abbot of Wat Tamasala, Nakon Pathom province, was highly respected by the locals of that province and the neighboring provinces for his magic power.
5.  Luang Phor ThongYu (Article)
  Luang Phor ThongYu Samut Sakon.
6.  Luang Phor Glan (Article)
  Because of his former reputation to prevail his amuletic coins have become some of the most desirable and expensive rien on the market today with first generation examples exchanging hands in excess of 1 million baht, in fact far more expensive than
7.  Luang Phor Pum, Wat Bangkhlo (Article)
  Luang Phor Pum was an old time guru monk from Wat Bangkhlo, Bangkok.
8.  Luang Phor Paat (Article)
  Luang Phor Paat Virutamo was one of the many famous monks originating Lopburi Province. He was well known because he learnt sacred sciences from Luang Phor Suk of Wat Makamtao and Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bangnomko, both of which who were also extreme
9.  Luang Phor Top (Article)
  Luang Phor Top Dharmpun-yo, officially named Phra Kru Vichit Pacharacaharn was a former abbot of Wat Buddhabart Chondan District, Phetchanboon
10.  Luang Phor Kuay (Article)
  Luang Phor Kuay was born on November 2nd B.E.2448, in Bankae Village, Sunbury District, Chainat Province.
11.  Luang Phor Viryung (Article)
  Luang Por Viriyung Sirintaro, officially named Pra Dharmmongkolyarn, is abbot of Wat Dharmmongkol, Bangkok. He was born on January 7th, B.E.2463, in Pakprio District, Saraburi Province. Today Luang Phor Viriyung is 91 years old and has served the Bu
12.  Luang Phor Choo (Article)
13.  Luang Phor Pu & Luang Phor Sung (Article)
  If you are looking for a seriously good mainstream Somdej amulet then those blessed by either Luang Phor Pu or Phra Kru Sung , both from Wat In, should be high on your list of possibilities.
14.  Luang Phor Niam (Article)
  Luang Phor Nium, was a well known and highly respected monk from Wat Noi in Suphanburi province. Wat Noi is an ancient temple, established several hundred years ago but deserted in B.E.2310 after the Burmese army had invaded the Thai Kingdom.
15.  Luang Phor Iam - Wat Ko-Non Phasicharoen (Article)
  Luang Phor Iam, or Chaokhuntao, was a famous senior monk in Bangkuntien district, Bangkok. He was born on October 5th, BE 2375.
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