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1.  LP Kron / Tok Raja  (Article)
  Luang Phor Kron is best known for his Pitda amulets made from sacred powders, neua wahn and rak. These pims are thought to offer powerful protection from all dangers. Such is the demand for these amulets that prices have risen well beyond all but
2.  Luang Phor Kram (Article)
  Luang Phor Kram is known to have been a student of many famous monks such as Luang Phor Boon of Wat Klangbangkaew, Nakon Pathom Province and Luang Phor Parn of Wat Bangnomko, Ayudhaya Province.
3.  Wat Phra Kaew (Article)
  Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, and the adjoining Grand Palace together form perhaps the greatest spectacle for the visitor to Bangkok.
4.  Luang Phor Nak - Wat Rakhang (Article)
  Luang Phor Nak, Wat Rakhang
5.  Luang Phor Ophasi (Article)
  No one actually knew what year Luang Phor Opasee was born in, but it is believed to be around 1877 to 1887. Luang Phor Opasee was the eldest of eight siblings. He started his formal studies at the tender age of five and became a novice at Wat Tai whe
6.  Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Tungkok, Supanburi (Article)
  Luang Phor Daeng of Wat Tungkok was a former sacred monk of Supanburi Province. His amulets are very popular amongst collectors due to their efficacy and reasonable pricing.
7.  Phor Tan Dam  (Article)
  Venerable Luang Phor Dam was born in the Year of the Snake on Tuesday April 15, 2484. His natal village was Kg. Kok Jumbok, Tak Bai, Narathiwat, Thailand. His birth name is Dam Krai Noi.
8.  Luang Phor Chuen - Wat Yannasen (Article)
  Luang Poo Chuen is without doubt one of the most popular monks to have originated from Wat Yanasen , Ayudhaya Province.
9.  Luang Phor Kalong (Article)
  Luang Phor Kalong is recognised as one of Thailand's true Guru monks
10.  Luang Phor Top (Article)
  LP Top passed away in B.E.2519, aged 95, his name is still remembered and respected by many locals of Petchaboon and neighbouring provinces.
11.  Phor Tan Daeng (Article)
12.  Luang Phor Kun (Article)
  Luang Phor Kun Intapanyo was one of the most respectful sacred monks of Ayudhaya Province. He was an abbot of Wat Nokkrajab and very famous for his sacred sciences, sacred tattoos and sacred amulets.
13.  Luang Phor Cham (Article)
  LP Chaem of Wat Takong, Nakonpathom Province, is one of the greatest WWII-period Guru monks. LP Chaem made many kinds of amulets, such as rien, Takrut, Phayant, GumanThong, etc LP Chaem became the second teacher of LP Tae Kong Thong, Wat Sam Ngam
14.  Luang Phor Boi - A Perfect Monk (Article)
15.  Luang Phor Tian (Article)
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