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1.  Katha Wat Sam Ngam - Guman Thong (Article)
  This is the official katha used for all Guman Thong issued by Luang Phor Yaem, Wat Sam Ngam. As far as I am aware it is the only katha issued by Luang Phor Yaem.
2.  Katha for Bia Gae - LP Jeua (Article)
  Bia Gae LP Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Gaew
3.  Luang Phor Pina - Katha (Article)
  Katha for Luang Phor Pina
4.  LP Kalong Kathas (Article)
  LP Kalong Kathas
5.  Phra Kring Katha (Article)
  Phra Kring Katha
6.  Thai Boxing - Ritual & Spells (Article)
  Thai boxers are prone to believe in magic spells, and the occult in the believe that such ploys could stop the opponent who would be too puzzled to fight. Fighters are known to have gone as far as to recite spells in graveyards particularly those rep
7.  Buk Sek - Ceremonial Sanctification (Article)
  The word buk-sek means "arousing the potency of an object by means of incantations or spells". This includes am extremely large class of amulets and charms and the charmed objects themselves can take many forms.
8.  Katha Luang Phor Suang (Article)
  How to worship LP Suang Amulets
9.  Katha Luang Phor Daeng (Article)
  Katha for Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai-It
10.  Luk Om - Katha LP Tim (Article)
  Luk Om Katha - Luang Phor Tim
11.  Katha Luang Phor Kron (Article)
12.  Katha Luang Phor Tim (Article)
13.  Katha Pra Somdej - LP Koon (Article)
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