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1.  Love Amulets - How do they work, and which are the best? (Article)
2.  Leklai - The Truth (Article)
  Leklai is probably one of the most famous sacred substances in Thailand. It is believed that this particular sacred substance can release magic powers in a variety of ways but particularly in helping worshippers from danger and expelling danger
3.  Thai Calandar (Article)
  The Thai solar, or Suriyakati Calendar is used in traditional and official contexts in Thailand, although the Western calendar is used for business.
4.  Hanuman (Article)
  Those looking for courage and protection often wear amulets of Hanuman
5.  Magical Amulets & Spells of Thailand (Article)
  There are four types of magical amulets in Thai culture. The term to describe these amulets as a whole iskhawng-khlang, which may be translated as 'sacred, potent objects.' The first type is the khruang-rang, which means material substances transform
6.  Monks Titles (Article)
  The long names and titles of Buddhist monks sometimes bewilder Westerners who are new to these teachings. Once the basic principles and customs are understood, however, the names of Thai monks are easily grasped.
7.  Naga Fireballs (Article)
  Bang Fai Phaya Nark (Naga fireballs) is a phenomenon that the mysterious fireballs raise from the Mekong River into the air above water surface. The fireballs are smoke-less, smell-less, and sound-less. They rise 20-30 meters straight up to the air t
8.  Hanuman (Article)
  Hanuman, the magical white monkey warrior is probably the best known monkey character in Ramakien.
9.  Kuan In (Article)
  Kuan In
10.  Phra Uppakhut, Bua Kem, Arahat Upagutta  (Article)
  We have recently launched a dedicated website just for Thai Amulet books. In fact its the only such website / resource in the English language
12.  Si Satchanalai Historical Park (Article)
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