Authentication & Certification Services

We are able to secure certification on your behalf for a nominal fee of between 50.00 - 70.00 USD. Thai Amulets Co Ltd is an associate member of the following Thai Amulet Clubs and Societies, all of which issue internationally recognized certification. Certificates not only offer peace of mind they also add real value to the amulet. This is particularly so when re-sale is considered.

 U-Amulet / Tarad Pra


Its important to understand that there are two major types of Certificate of Authenticity,
Trust Based and Insurance Based.

Insurance based certificates are by far the most valued as the authenticity and value are guaranteed for life, being underwritten by an insurance co
mpany. Today almost all such certification is serialized and can be verified on line. Forgery of such certificates is almost impossible

In comparison Trust Based Certificates
can be easily forged and rely solely upon the reputation of the vendor or organization. These are of considerably less value with the exception of one organisation, Samakom.  Not all Trust Based certification is worthless and as a rule of thumb it very much depends on the degree of vested interest.

Other Considerations

1. None of these societies offer identification services, only certification. In short this means that you will need to supply relevant information about the amulet

2. Not all amulets can be certified and in particular, most ivory and bone amulets.

3. Insurance based Certificates, in the majority of cases, are only available for those amulets where an international standard has been agreed. The fact that an amulet is genuine does not mean that it will qualify for a certificate. This is probably one of the most commonly mis-understood aspects of certification.

4. Unfortunately membership of most amulet societies for non Thai citizens is very difficult.

5. Very often it does not make much financial sense to apply for certification. There are other ways to authenticate amulets. I would suggest you read this article in our forum. " Authentication - Practical Advice"


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