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Pra Khun Paen Chaosup-Chaosanae is an extreme version of Pra Khun Paen, the amulet of charm and good fortune. They were created in BE 2547 by Luang Phor Thongdam Intawangso, Wat Tumtapiantong, Lop Buri province  who hand molded all of the amulets individually by himself. There is also a second generation of these pims that were created a few years later


These pims importantly contain a sacred powder derived from a Thai herb known as "Nang Phaya Ngew Dam" also known as the powder of "Eternal Charm, and Good Fortune".

However they also contain hundreds of other sacred powders such as  Pongwanmahasanae Tewadaluemton, Nangoktak, Phaya Chaochoo, Sethichoosup, Pongmaiyayae, all of which were combined with sacred Salika longlongrung oil.

In fact he collected these herbs for over 30 years. In addition he meditated every year for that period to make these auspicious constituents truly sacred and create an immensely powerful amulet.

Many of the pims also are embedded with his sacred takrut blessed during
 sacred spell ceremonies, namely the  Na Khun Paen spell, an incantation respected for the power that can  increase the worshippers' charm, Na Sethi Chaosup, respected for the power that can make worshippers very lucky and finally the Na Metta spell, which is highly respected for the power that would make the worshippers' relationship with employers and colleagues better.

He fixed the date of the consecration which was conducted in a ceremonial cave in Tapianthong The ceremonial process to create these amulets was strictly adhered to, such that  only few amulets could be created each day. After  7 Saturdays and 9 Tuesdays had passed, all the powder was used up, but process had not yet finished....Luang Phor Thongdam repeatedly transferred his black magic power into the amulets many times over.

(The ancient Thai believed that Saturday and Tuesday were the most powerful days to perform black magic ceremony.)

Luang Phor Thongdam inscribed each amulet with yant whilst chanting Khmer incantations for wealth. All the amulets were brought back to the temple and placed in front of the principal Buddha image to invite his Lords grace and his teaching

Luang Phor Thongdam was 70 years old, when he created only a very limited number of these special amulets. They are now very rare.

He is known to have said about these amulets:

"I made them by myself. All herbs are pounded by monks and novices. I pressed the mixed powder from the mould with my hands. I made it to the best of my ability and have named it "Chaosap Chaosaneh" (Great Wealth Great Charm). It means fertile wealth and fortune", full of mercy and charm that will bring about success in anything you choose to do."


Na-mo-tas-sa Pa-ka-wa-to Ar-ra-ha-to Sum-ma-sum-put-ta-sa (3 times)

Gu-ma-ro-mar-ma Ae-he-jit-tung Pi-yung-ma-ma
Aohm Farfeen Jarernsri Sreegu ngarm mearn khunpan
Khangu ngarm mearn Khanphra Narai
Guygu ngarm mearn Guyphra Phrom
Khongu ngarm mearn Khonnok Garnarm
Na Rumrai rukkrai hennar Mo Laruaychuayparmar
Putt Tarmaha Tha Rongtuk Ya Kwakmer Nagarohothi
Jongmarbunggerd pen Na Metta Seengai Khaidee Meegumrai
Seengai Khaikrong MeeNgern MeeTong Leergin LeerChai