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Luang Phor Tong, Wat Rachyota


      Luang Phor Tong was the first abbot of Wat Rachyota, Bangkok, and although he governed the temple for almost one hundred years he is today relatively unknown.

In fact he is probably one the greatest monks that very few people have heard of. Not surprising as he chose to live a simple existance strictly following Lord Buddha’s Dharma and practicing meditation at his temple.

However during the time of King Rama 4  he was one of the most respected monks of his era . He is the disciple of Phra Acharn Seng of Wat Manichonkarn (Lopburi), Phra Acharn Seng was also the teacher of Somdet Phra Buddhachan Toh of Wat Rakang.

His background is not that well known. His place and year of birth for example have never been recorded. Fortunately it is well documented that he was ordained a monk at Wat Ngernbangprom, Talingchan District, Bangkok, by Jao kun Vinaikijjarithera, former abbot of Wat Ngernbangprom, who acted as Pra Upacha.

It is also known that he remained at the temple for several years studying sacred sciernces under the guidance of Jaokun Vinaikijjarithera.

He studied diligently and as a result he was invited to take up the position of Abbot of Wat Rachyota by the founder of the temple.

Luang Phor Tong passed away aged 117 years and even to this day is one of the longest living monks in Thai history.

Luang Pghor Tong is known to have studied meditation and sacred sciences from the same teacher as Pra Somdej Buddhachan Toh. When he created his own amulets at a later date they were truly unique, he did not copy those of Somdej Toh or even use them as prototypes for his own design.

Also a fact liitle known, even amongst experts, is that LP Tong has been master or taught sacred sciences to many of the most famous monks that have ever lived, these include amongst many others:

1) LuangPu Ler Wat Saochango Chachingsao

2) Luang Phor Jong Wat Natangnok Ayuthaya

3) Luang Phor Kong Wat Bangkrapong

4) Luang Phor Chat Wat Bangkrabao

5) Luang Phor Sod Wat Paknam Paicharoen

6) Luang Phor Klai Wat Suan Kan Nakonsrithamarak

7) Luang Phor Thongyu Wat Mainongpraong Samutt Sakorn

8) Luang Phor Yee Wat Sattaheep (Disciple of LuangPu Ler)

9) Luang Phor Poch Wat Rayotha (2nd abbot)

10) Phraku Kitti Witmon Wat Rayotha
(3rd abbot and nephew of LuangPu Thong)

11) LuangPhor Parn Wat Bangnomko Ayuthaya (Learnt knowledge of Kom)

12) LuangPu Preak Wat King Keow (Close disciple)

13) LuangPu Rod Prachinburi

14) LuangPu Patch Wat Samplum

His most famous amulets were in the form of five Buddha images, also known as Somdej Ha Pra Ong. Initially these amulets were known as Pra Somdej Prajao Ha Pra-ong because it was widely known that he studied under Somdej Toh, this was despite the fact that his amulets did not resemble those of his master in the slightest.


This is also the reason that amulets discovered at the Kru at Wat Bung Praya Suren were also called Pra Somdej, as the designs were very similar to those created by LP Tong. Incidentally there is no direct evidence that LP Tong did bless the amulets discovered at Wat Bung Praya Suren, but most experts agree that it’s a distinct possibility.

Nowadays amulets blessed by Luang Phor Tong are highly desirable not only because of their heritage, beauty and unique designs, but also because LP Tong is still highly respected by many people.

Decades ago the temple was surrounded by many migrants from India most of whom were non Buddhist. They often entered the temple grounds to steal fish from the pond.

Luang Phor Tong is known to have summoned spirits to protect the habitat, and thereafter thieves would only trawl bones of the deceased. This was sufficient to frighten would be thieves away. It iis also said thet many of the fish transformed into leaves, gaining considerable respect for the monk.

Many suffering from a deadly outbreak of Cholera visited Wat Lard Buakhao (Wat Rachyota) to ask for help from the sacred monk. It was recorded that his sacred water saved countless lives from the deadly disease.

One of LP Tongs most renowned abilities was the exorcism of those haunted by ghosts or cursed with black magic. It is recorded that many people would visit his temple to seek a cure from such inflictions.

Even a youngster was cured by the great monk who used a sacred Thai herb “Plai” whilst reciting sacred spells.