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Sacred Amulets Blessed by Luang Phor Suang BE 2539

Essentially there have been two major batches of amulets known as the first generation pims, blessed in BE 2519 and the second generation pims blessed in BE 2539

2nd Generation Pims BE 2539

The second major series of amulets was composed of a number of different pims.
Khun Paen Amulets
1.     Khunpan Pra Sartkhom Punpi with two Takruts
2.     Khunpan Pras Sartkhom Punpi with a single Takrut
3.     Khunpan Pra Sartkhom Punpi without takruts
Khaosek or rice based amulets
1.     Pra Somdej Khaosek
2.     Pra Pitda Khaosek
3.     Pra Sangkajai Khaosek
4.     Pra Sivalai Khaosek
5.     Pra Pikanet Khaosek
6.     Takrut Mahasetti Koo, with sacred spells carved by LP Suang
7.     Takrut Ngern Tam Huay..(made for gamblers)
Ajahn Sert, a senior monk of Wat Tarcole confirmed that all amulets were blessed by Luang Phor Suang. A second blessing was arranged at Wat Tracole and attended by some very senior monks of the era.

Luang Phor Koon
Luang Phor Kong
Luang Poo Nil
Luang Poo Kliang
Luang Poo Kerng
Luang Poo Jium
Luang Phor Hong
Luang Phor Key
Luang Poo Chern
Luang Phor Ing
Luang Phor Sai
Luang Phor Rit
Luang Phor Pard
Luang Phor Sing
Luang Phor Boonmar
Luang Phor Puang
Luang Phor Moon
Luang Poo Ya Tan Suan
Luang Phor Put
Luang Phor Rian
Luang Phor Luang
Luang Phor Paiboon
Luang Phor Tim
Luang Phor Ruay
Luang Phor Hum
Luang Phor Pool
Luang Phor Tud
Luang Phot Tong
Luang Poo Lamai
Luang Poo Mek
Luang Phor Poon
Luang Phor Nong
Luang Phor Klun
Luang Phor Kiew
Luang Phor Chin
Luang Phor Dum
Luang Phor Kalong
Luang Phor Pern
Luang Phor Sawai
Luang Poo Jerd
Luang Por Goey
Luang Poo Rod
Luang Poo Ngern
Luang Phor Prasit
Luang Poo Dee
Luang Poo Auyporn
Kruba Noi
Kruba Wongsa
Luang Poo Kumtun
Kruba Kumkerngaew
Luang Poo Mee
Luang Poo Tong
Luang Poo Jumniun
Luang Poo Luang
Luang Poo Chumnarn
Luang Phor Supot
Luang Poo Pimpa
Luang Poo Krisana
Luang Phor Lum
Luang Phor Un
Luang Phor Goy
Luang Phor Pae
Luang Phgor Un

The amulets were held at Wat Suthat from BE 2540 until BE 2550 where they were blessed on hundreds of occssions by thousands of monks prior to their eagerly awaited release.

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