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LP Thuad BE 2507 Wat Saikhao

During B.E.2507 Luang Phor Tim, created a series of sacred amulets called “Phra Luang Phor Tuad Marn B.E.2507 amulets” for Ajahn Nong,  his close friend at Wat Saikhao.

These amulets are without doubt some of the the very best LP Thuad amulets that you can buy as they are blessed by both Luang Phor Tim and Ajahn Nong, just in the same way that the original BE 2497 amulets were. Not only that they are still quite affordable.

They are considered one of the very first pims issued from Wat SaiKhao although not created by Ajahn Nong himself.

Luang Phor Tim, (Prakru Visaisobhon), created this series of  Luang Phor Thuad Marn B.E.2507 amulets for several reasons  detailed below: 

1. To thank Ajahn Nong, who helped him to create the very first generation and most successful series of  LP Thuad amulets in BE 2497.

(Note: In B.E.2497 Ajahn Nong was the Vice Abbot of Wat Chang Hai, later to be promoted to abbot of Wat Saikhao.) 

2. In order to pay respect to Luang Phor Thuad Sittichai, a sacred monk, who Luang Phor Tim saw in his meditation.

3. To pay respect to Luang Phor Thuad Marn, who was believed to be the second abbot of Wat Saikhao more than 100 years ago. (prior to BE 2462)

(Note: The third abbot of Wat Saikhao, Prakru Sriratanakorn, governed the temple during the period B.E.2463-B.E.2493)

Sacred Components

1. Black sticky rice-
Used as the base component to bind all the materials together and used in many scared amulets of that era.

2. Kla Khao- Kla Khao, or rice plants, respected for sacred power that could help worshippers become prosperous, similar to rice harvested from the fields.

3. Sacred Powder from original BE 2497 LP Thuad amulets -  A higher  proportional percentage exists in these amulets than almost any other amulet, other than the originals, and as such considered very sacred and powerful

4. Several other kinds of sacred powder such as Dinkark-ya Yuk, Wan, etc.

Sacred Power

Phra Luang Phor Thuad Marn B.E.2507 amulets have been respected for by many worshippers who have become prosperous in business and in life. The amulets are also noted for the extreme protective qualities, particularly against weapons and danger.

Muslim tirned Buddhist

Luang Phor Thuad Marn, the, former abbot of Wat Saikhao, was highly respected for his sacred power and amulets, used by many Thai officers during World War II for protection. Although this great monk had passed away before the war his amulets were still very popular.

It was recorded that Luang Phor Thuad Marn was previously a Muslim  but later turned to the Buddhist faith, whereupon he ordained as a monk, strictly following the Lord Buddha’s dharma until he was appointed second abbot of Wat Saikhao.


Phra Luang Phor Thuad Marn B.E.2507 amulets were designed in several groups of pim as follows: 

1. Pim Phra Sam Thuad, which featured the image of the three sacred monks namely Luang Phor Thuad, Luang Phor Thuad Marn, and Luang Phor Thuad Sittichai on the front.


2. Pim Nangkhao-ie, which featuring the image of Luang Phor Tuad Marn sitting on his knees, sometime this Pim was called “Pim Reup Parin-ya”.

3. Pim Yai (or big size), featuring the image of Luang Phor Tuad Marn in meditation.

4. Pim Klang (or medium size), which featured the picture of Luang Por Tuad Marn in meditation.


 5. Pim Lek(or small size), featuring the image of Luang Phor Thuad Marn in meditation.

Further Information

During the war Luang Phor Tuad Marn ’s sacred amulets were used to protect many soldiers from the danger of combat and in particularly an amulet known as Sua Yant Gakhao an ancient-styled red sacred shirt covered in sacred spells.

The amulet became very popular during the war years as the number of casualties of those that wore this amulet was almost zero. And as such the fame grew.