Article Phor Tan Daeng
Article Date : 06 June 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones
Luang Phor Daeng, officially named Luang Phor Daeng Juntachoto, was born on Friday August 3rd, B.E.2449 in Naratiwat Province, Thailand.
He was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Chontarasinghay, Takbai District, Naratiwat Province, in B.E.2469, then aged 20 years.
After his ordination he had transferred to various Thai temples across the border in Malaysia including Wat Bothiviharn, Wat Bang Tawar, and the most important temple for him, Wat Bangsaek.
It was here that he became Luang Phor Kron’s close follower and learnt multiple sacred sciences including Wicha Sanay Maytdtaa Niyom, (Charm) Klaaw Klaat, Kong Krapan, (protection from danger and weapons) Maha Ut,  magical spells and incantations to create and give life and power to (Kluen Wai) Pong Phra Pitda, Wicha to create Mai-Kru (sacred wand) and holy water.
The amulets Luang Phor Daeng created were never sold, rather he would give them to those that had visited Wat bangSaek to woship Lord Buddha or supported many of the charitable projects that the temple was involved in.
It was not long after his first amulets that worshippers quickly realized they were incredibly efficacious and numerous reports attest to miraculous power with comparisons to the power to those created by LP Kron. His amulets quickly became very famous.
Prices of his amulets have increased rapidly since his death on December 13th BE 2532 and consequently have become scarcer and in particular his early batch pims.