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LP Thuad, Wat Phang Thia, BE 2505

All Luang Phor Thuad Wat Phang were created by Phra Khru Palat Chailaw Bhuripanno, the Abbot.

It was the purpose of the Abbot to rebuild Pha Uposatha, the preaching hall and the manses of Wat Phang Thia, as they were very old and ruined, so he created Luang Phor Thuad amulets to give to people who contributed help or money towards the cost of construction.

1) The fisrt batch of Luang Phor Thuad Wat Phang Thia were consecrated at the end of year BE 2505

A number of different type of pims were created. The wahn based pims were made from Wahn 108 and the soil "Kak Ya Yak". These were hard grey, dark grey and black.

The consecration of these amulets were participated by some very well known venerated monks:

1. Acarya Tim, Wat Changhai, Pattani
2. Acarya Muhn, Wat Khao FDaeng, Pattalung
3. Acarya Tim, Wat Wang Khao
4. Phra Raj Brahmabhorn, Wat Khao Dang, Ecclesiastical province of Narthiwat.
5. Eccesiastical Province governor of Stul
6. Phra Kru Palat Chailaw, Bhuripanno

An example of the iron-shape mould with lettering to the reverse.



The second batch were created in BE 2506