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Article Date : 10 December 2013
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Tiam, Wat Gasatrathirat , Ayutthya


Luang Phor Tiam, an old time Pra Keji from Ayutthya and Abbot of Wat Gasatrathirat Worawihan, located in Tambon Bpom.

Pra Wisutha Jaentayn or Luang Phor Tian was born on the 10th December BE 2447 in Tambon Bpom, Ayutthya to a poor family of farmers.

He received a basic education at the local temple, Wat Gasatrathirat under Luang Phor Mon and Ajahn Pin. At the age of 20 he was ordained a monk, where he specialised in many Buddhist sacred sciences, and in particular traditional medicine.

He also spent considerable time at  Wat Pradusonmtum where he studied Dhamma and wicha before returning to Wat Gasatrathirat.

In BE 2487 the position of Abbot became vacant and he was appointed to the position.

Luang Phor Tiam never stopped learning, taking every opportunity to broaden his knowledge of sacred sciences, in fact becoming  an adept of Witayakom (incantations)'

He used this deep knowledge to create many sacred amulets and takruts for which he was famed and particularly for the sacred sciences of Kong Grapan or invulnerability.

He passed away quietly on the 20th December BE 2522 at the age of 75. Each year on this same date, a special merit making ceremony is held at the temple in honour of the great monk.