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Article Date : 21 May 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones
Luang Phor Pian was born in the third month of the year B.E.2470, (according to the Thai lunar calendar), in Grern Katin Village, Banmi District, Lobburi Province.

After he had completed his education at primary school in the local village he helped his parents in the rice fields, until such time as a young man he married a local lass.

He had a keen interest in Lord Buddha’s Dhamma, and on the 4th August B.E.2519, he was ordained a Buddhist monk at Wat Kampang so thast he might learn more.

At the time Luang Phor Jur, abbot of the temple, acted as Pra Upacha and also renamed him as “Akkadharmo”, which meant the person, who specialized in Dharma.

After that he returned to his hometown and remained at Wat Grern katin to learn magic sciences from Luang Phor Parn, the then abbot of the temple.

Luang Phor Parn, specialized in Khmer magic sciences, had told Luang Phor Pian that to be successful he must practice mind control and meditation techniques.

Luang Phor Pian always remembered his predecessor’s words and he developed a high degree of ability, helping people in many ways.

As a result of his dedication he became very well known. In BE 2521 he was invited to take up the position of Abbot at Wat Grern Katin.