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Luang Phor Leua


Luang Phor Leua was born in Chachoengsao in BE 2406 and began his education at Wat Saao Cha Ngok, where he was also ordained a monk in BE 2431 aged 20  by Luang Phor Tong of Wat Mai Bangkla and Luang Phor Klik of Wat Saao Cha Ngok, acting as Pra Upacha and Pra Karmavacharcharn respectively.

He studied under Luang Phor Klik learning many sacred sciences including higher level meditation. In fact Luang Phor Klik was famous himself for the creation of Pra Pitda and Palad Khik.

For many years Luang Phor Leua practiced in the style of an aesthetic monk, spending his time in forests, caves and cremation grounds, ideal places for developing meditation practice.

He would follow or accompany Luang Phor Parn of Wat Mongkolkotawas, Luang Phor Jeen of Wat Talardner, and Luang Phor Dum of Wat Kot, all of whom taught him sacred sciences.

Luang Phor Parn for example had many other famous disciples including Luang Phor Nok of Wat Sangkasi, famous for his tiger tooth amulets, who later became a very close friend and one of the monks that imparted knowledge to create Palad Khik.

After he had assimilated as much as possible from these and many other great teachers he returned to Wat Saao Cha Ngok where he was to create many sacred amulets himself including takruts and pha yant  which were given to soldiers during the Indochinese War during B.E.2483-2484.

In fact so efficacious were his amulets those that wore them were seldom injured and became  known as Ghost Soldiers . Today Luang Phor Leua is best known for his Palad Khik which are thought to be amongst the very best.

His Palad Khik are made from a variety of woods including, Mai Koon, Mai Dumdong and Mai Cha-om. His palad Khik were often inscribed with the sacred kathas "Gunha Nay Ha" and "U"

Its is believed that:

In combat or conflict, hang Luang Phor Leua's palad khik to the front of the body.

To avoid danger or enemies, hang the palad khik to the back of the body.
To increase good fortune, hang the palad khik to the right side of the body.
To increase charm or attractiveness, hang the palad khik to the left side of the body.