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Luang Phor Lek - Wat Taa-It



Luang Phor Lek Juntachoto was born in B.E.2414 in Angtong Province and as a teenager he was sent to live and learn Dharma at Wat Taa-it (Wat Chaiyapumtaram.)

In B.E.2434, aged 20 he was officially ordained as a monk at the temple by Luang Phor Nutra Wat Bhotaram, Chacherngsoa Province, Luang Phor In, Wat Taa-it, and Luang Phor Nark of Wat Taa-it, who acted as Pra Upacha, Pra Karmavachacharn, and Pra Anusavanacharn respectively.

Apart from Dharma, he also learned ancient Thai medicine from Mor Sookdevada, a famous specialist in Thai herbs.

Shortly after Luang Phor Lek moved to Chonburi Province where he was to learn sacred sciences with Luang Phor Pern, a senior monk of Wat Bankao, highly respected for his sacred power. He was known to have many otherfamous disciples including Luang Por Ding of Wat Bangwua, Luang Phor Parn Buddharakitor of Wat Klerwan, etc.

In B.E.2480, when the abbot of Wat Taa-it passed away, Luang Phor Lek was appointed as the new abbot. He gained fame through his sacred rien known as "Rian Luang Por Peng", which created to gain funds to support the funeral costs for LP Peng. These rien were also blessed by LP Ding from Wat Bangbua


The majority of his amulets were created during the period of the Indochinese war, (BE 2484) . Proabably his most famous series were known as Phra Neua-Din 12 · Raa-See, now very rare indeed. These amulets were originally created at the request of a senior Soldier from the Srisothorn Military Regiment, who had asked the sacred monk to create sacred amulets to protect soldiers and innocent people, made from sacred soil, and known to be highly efficacious, saving many lives during the cruel war.

In July 4, B.E.2487, aged 73 and having served Buddhism for 53 years, Luang Phor Lek Juntachoto passed away peacefully at Wat Taa-it.