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Luang Phor Kun Intapanyo

Luang Phor Kun Intapanyo was one of the most respectful sacred monks of Ayudhaya Province. He was an abbot of Wat Nokkrajab and very famous for his sacred sciences, sacred tattoos and sacred amulets.

          He was born in B. E.2415 and ordained as a monk in B. E.2435, when he was aged 20 years.

After extended period learning sacred sciences from nomadic monks in the deep forests that surrounded Ayyudhya he was appointed Abbot of Wat Yansen. Not long after that appointment he was offered the position of Abbot at Wat Nok Krajap where he became very successful and highly respected.

He gained wide respect from many of the less desirable members of society after one of his followers had been stabbed repeatedly but appeared not to have suffered any injury. It was thought that he had been protected by sacred tattoos.

Luang Phor Kun continued to learn sacred sciences and in particular from Luang Phor Suk of Wat Makhamtao, one of Thailand’s most revered monks and Luang Phor Um of Wat Wongkong.

It was known that Luang Por Kun Intapunyo strictly followed Lord Buddha’s teachings and as time passed his sacred powers increased substantially.

He also created many kinds of sacred amulets such as Pa Yant (sacred cloth), sacred belts (made from cloth), Takrut, Rien and many types of powder amulet such as Pra Neua Din Pao, sacralised to celebrate his birthday, and Pra Nang Paya Partip amulets.

Although no exact records exist of the actual dates, it is thought that most were blessed about BE 2480. Many admired for their beautiful and unique designs.

Luang Por Kun Intapunyo peacefully passed away in B. E.2486, when he aged 72 years.