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Luang Phor Jun, Wat Marukatayawan, Prachuap Kiri Khan


These bamboo takruts, blessed about 50 years ago are instantly recognizable and very famous within the province of Prachuap Kiri Khan where I live.

Luang Phor Jun’s Takrut Maipai amulets were created as an act of mercy towards all living creatures. In fact they were never originally blessed to be sold but were attached to the many temple dogs that had taken up refuge at Wat Marukatayawan.

The takruts were for protection against those that sought to harm stray animals. The fame of these takruts grew so much that they became highly valuable and most sought after. Even today they are probably the most desirable of all takruts within this district.


It was recorded that many people had witnessed some of societies criminal element fire live ammunition at the dogs to test the power of these takruts, but none were fortunately injured as a result.

It was after this event that Luang Phor Jun collected the takruts from the dogs as he did not want to encourage this kind of behavior again. But needless to say this news had been reported widely and many people were visiting the temple in the hope that they could receive such a takrut.

These takrut amulets were created in strict accordance to an ancient science.

These takrut are made from bamboo branches each carved by Luang Phor Jun himself with sacred yant.  Each Bamboo Takrut then had a smaller takrut inserted, made from copper and again engraved with sacred yant.

Wat Marukatayawan was named after an ancient Indian forest named Isipatana Marukatayawan, where it is said Lord Buddha had taught his first Dharma lessons to his first five devotees namely Kontunya, Vuppa, Puttiya, Assachi, and Mahanami.

This is a genuine first generation takrut and not to be confused with similar but much later takrut blessed at the temple by the current Abbot, Luang phor gaew, since BE 2548

We have had this example mounted in a Sterling Silver case and it looks stunning.