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Article Date : 15 March 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Ding - The sacred monk of Chachoengsao province





Luang Phor Ding, officially named Prakru Pibulkanaruk, was without doubt one of the most famous monks to have originated from Chachoengsao Province, mostly due to his amulets

He was born in Chachoengsao on March 14th, B.E.2420. As a young man he was educated at Wat Bangwua of the same province and ordained on April 10 B.E.2440 at the temple by Luang Por Dit of Wat Bangsamak, Luang Por Jarng of Wat Bangsamak, Pra-acharn Plod of Wat Bangwua.

Two years later he had moved to learn higher level Dharma with Luang Phor Moe at Wat Trimitr, Bangkok. Only a year later Pra-atikarn Pia, abbot of Wat Bangwua passed away.

He was invited to return and take up the vacant position as Abbot. In BE 2443 he became the Abbot barely 3 years after his ordination.

At that time Wat Bangwua was not recognised as an official temple and was in fact called Sumnaksong Bangwua, located on land belonging to Mr. Tuay Sroisupan.

Shortly after taking up his position he started the process of renovation, in fact re-building the entire temple on new land which was donated by a number of locals.


Apart from the re-development of the temple he also learnt sacred sciences from three senior monks.


1.Luang Phr Dit of Wat Bangsamak
2.Luang Phr Pern of Wat Ban-gao, Chonburi Province
3.Luang Phor Pler of Wat Juankernkun, Samutprakarn Province

One of Luang Phor Dings  most famous series of amulets were those that he created in BE 2481 , and were known as Rien Roop Meuan

For those that did not know there is also a benjapakee series of coin amulets or rien. The equivalent to the powder based Benjapakee set which most collectors are familiar with.

This first generation Luang Phor Ding rien forms part of the coin amulet Benjapakee set.

All his amulets are as highy respected today as they were in the past. Any of his amulets are highly recommended.

Luang Phor Ding peacefully passed away on August 6, B.E.2495, aged 75 years.