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Article Date : 05 May 2011
Article Author : Chris Jones

Luang Phor Chuen - Wat Yannasen


Luang Poo Chuen is without doubt one of the most popular monks to have originated from Wat Yanasen , Ayudhaya Province.

Formerly known as Chuen Yodchim, he was born in Nongkair District, Saraburi, on March 18th  B.E.2449. He was educated at Wat Koh Loy in the same province and ordained a novice at the age of 15 years returning to his family at the age of 18.


Lunag Phor Chuen, Wat Yanasen

Three years later he was ordained as a monk on May 14th B.E.2470 at Wat Koh Loy by Luang Por Yod of Wat Nongplamor, Luang Phor Mard of Wat Nongkairkhao and Luang Phor Tongdi of Wat Koh Loy.

As a young monk he actively sought knowledge, studying Dharma and sacred sciences. He was also known to have traveled throughout various provinces seeking a deeper knowledge of black-magic sciences. It was this quest for knowledge that led him to Wat Yannasen, where he remains today.

At Wat Yanasen he met Ajahn Sai who was to teach him many sciences including black magic. He was later to serve along side Ajahn Sai helping those in need.  The two monks became renowned for their scared powers

Their fame increased dramatically when a well know Millionaire from Bangkok had publicly stated that the two monks possessed incredible powers, curing him from illness after modern medicine had failed.

Indeed so impressed he invited the pair to take up residence at  Wat Kair Nanglerng in Bangkok, both had gracefully declined preferring a more peaceful existence of life at a provincial temple.

Several years later Ajahn Sai resigned from monastic life leaving Luang Phor Chuen to work alone.  It was at this time that Luang Phor Chuen started to move away from the black magic sciences to a purer based belief and returned to the study of Lord Buddhas Dharma.

It was during this time that a solemn monk was to visit the province, widely believed to be highly sacred, although almost nothing was known of him. Luang Phor Chuen upon hearing these rumours went to visit in the hope that he could learn more about high level meditation.

But after he had talked to the monk, who was later to reveal himself as Pra Ajahn Sen Techa Dharmo of Korat Province, his life was to change forever.


After hearing the words of  Pra Ajahn Sen he soon realized that he had taken the wrong path in life and that black magic sciences were preventing him for attaining knowledge of higher level dharma.  

Luang Phor Chuen burnt all his books and notes about such sciences and refused to use black magic again. Amazingly this had upset many people who blamed Pra Ajahn Sen who was by this time now resident at Wat Yannasen teaching Dharma alongside Luang Phor Chuen.


      In fact so upset were a number of people that LP Chuen was reported to the Buddhist committee, who claimed that amongst other things that he did not attend to the temple which was dirty and in poor repair.

As a result of these accusations, Luang Phor Chuen was removed from the position of Abbot. He did however continue to reside at the temple where he practiced meditation 24 hours a day until he was able to accomplish the sacred science known as Ratanajak later to be important in the creation of new amulets.

Luang Phor Chuen’s amulets are very different to those of other monks, not only in design but also because his amulets are created in accordance with the sacred science Ratanajak.

Asked why many of his amulets depict three Buddha images he replied that it was due to the sacred science Ratanajak, which explains the importance of the triad, Lord Buddha, Lord Buddha’s Dharma and the Sanka.

These elements were now of fundamental importance to Luang Phor Chuen’s life and belief. It is thought that his amulets represent purity and those that own them will prosper, reminded always of these important Buddhist principles.