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Article Date : 22 October 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones

LP Choi - Wat Takwai, Singburi

Luang Phor Choi was born in Singburi Province in B.E.2412. He was brought up by his uncle after his parents passed at the age of two years.

He was taken at the age of 13 to a local temple, Wat Thiyarawatthanadit as it was known then, for an education, where Luang Phor Dtaeng took upon the responsibility of teaching the young boy. He was also the same monk that ordained Luang Phor Choi at the age of 20.

Luang Phor Choi accompanied Luang Phor Dtaeng on many occasions to learn ascetic pratcices and meditation in the surrounding jungles and also to countries such as Laos, Burma and Cambodia where they both studied occult sciences and incantations or Witaayakom from many keji ajahn.

It was during those years that he had an opportunity to learn from many sacred Thai monks learned such as Luang Phor Suk, Wat Makhamtao, Luang Phor Chang, Wat Tak and Luang Phor Rung, Wat Krabue who he spoent considerable time with.

In fact one of Luang Phor Rungs Pitda amulet is often mistakenly thought to have been blessed by him when in fact it was blessed by Luang Phor Choi and given to Luang Phor Rung to distribute in Samut Sakhon.

After Luang Phor Dtaeng passed away he was succeeded by Luang Phor Choi, who himself passed away in BE 2469 aged 57 having served the Buddhist faith for 37 years.


Sacred Amulets

Luang Phor Choi was very well known for his sacred amulets which are still highly respected today. Being artistically inclined, most of his amulets were designed by himself and are highly sought after.

It is recorded in records that during the visit of HRH Prince Chumporn to Luang Phor Suk, Wat Makhamtao, he had the opportunity to show respect and present a few of his amulets to the prince, namely pims Pra Khon Samur and in particular Pim Pakwumboti. which was one of his most prominent during that era, having created it to raise funds to build a Dharma building at Wat Takwai

During his life he created many different pims all of which are highly collectible. He is renouned for being an unassuming and pious monk and that is clearly reflected in all his amulets never using his name even on this rien that was used to raise the funds for building a sala

Wat Takwai

Wat Takwai, officially named Wat Satianworadit, is located on a 17-rai patch of marshland in Singburi Province, surrounded by many farms. It became a legal temple in B.E.2481, although it was assumed to have been built during the Ayudhaya Kingdom about 300-400 years ago.

During ancient times local farmers would lead their buffaloes to graze the grasses surrounding the temple as it was cool location to rest with many trees offering shade from the sun. and thus it took on the name Wat Takwai, Kwai being the translation of buffalo