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Luang Por Boi, Wat Manao

(Bullet Proof Amulets)


                             Several years ago a man, who lived in Samchuk District Supanburi province, was attacked and shot dead. An event that became gig news on several Thai media.

The shooting had attracted the attention of the media because the police had reported that although shot multiple times many of the bullets had not actually penetrated the skin.

In fact he had died as a result of gun fire to the head and more specifically through the eyes.

It was a time when Samchuk District was notorious for gangland killings, mafia and drugs, and in general shootings were not something that uncommon.

What made this particular killing so newsworthy was the amulet that was being worn by the victim, a Lunag Phor Boi pim, the sacred monk of Wat Manao, Supanburi.

Previously there had been other worshippers who had been shot and not badly injured, none of which had been officially reported. What is known however is that bullets had not penetrated the skin only caused severe bruising.

It was this story that is the reason that Luang Phor Boi’s amulets gained widespread popularity. In fact even today his amulets are highly sought after even though he died almost 50 years ago in BE 2508.

Luang Phor Boi’s sacred amulets are not only respected for the power to stop bullets but also to protect against many other forms of danger such as accidents and evil spirits.

Luang Phor Boi - background

Luang Phor Boi was born in Tubtilek sub-district, Bangplama, Supunburi, a local of the province where the legend of Phra khun Paen amulets originated.

He was ordained a monk when he was aged 21 years at Wat Manao of the same province. Three years later he moved to Wat Chipakhao (official name is Wat Srisudaram) learn ancient Khmer and Dharma. After which he moved to Wat Amrinkositaram for  a period of nine years to study high-level meditation and sacred sciences before returning to Wat Manao in BE 2467.

Although he learnt many sacred sciences he always resisted the temptation to create amulets believing that in doing so would obstruct his path to enlightenment.

The number of gansgsters in the province and the threat of violence and danger to the average person caused him to think again as he realized that there was a great need for some form of protection and in BE 2473 he created his first set of amulets.

Sacred Materials

Luang Phor Boi  never created any amulet for sale, but only to give to those that needed them, and one of the biggest differences between today’s amulets and those created by monks of a former generation.

He used many types of materials to create amulets but mostly from those that he simply found such as old water bowls, kitchen ware, and clay.

Luang Phor Boi never planned in advance to create amulets, he would simply make them whenever he found that people needed them.

It is known he continued to create amulets until he passed away on January 18, B.E.2508, aged 73 years.

A Perfect Monk

Because of his fame, sacred power, and high respect Luang Por Boi was offered the position of Abbot at many temples, always refusing, preferring to live the life of a humble monk in a simple dwelling at Wat Manao. He was never interested in luxury or position, always giving any donations to others and even the very food he was given was often donated to the poor.

Throughout his entire life all his amulets were given freely to those that wanted them and one of the very reasons that he is as highly respected today as he was then.