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Article Date : 09 September 2012
Article Author : Chris Jones


Luang Phor Iam - Wat Nang




Luang Phor Iam, Wat Nang, Bangkok passed away on 29th April BE the age of 94. Despite the fact that he died almost a century ago his amulets are considered to be amongst the very best ever to have been consecrated. In particular his sacred coins (rien), Phra Pitda, and his magical items (Kreung Rahng) such as Takruts.

The benjapakee set of 5 great amulets is well known by most collectors, but less well known is the existence of a similar benjapakee set of 5 rien. This set of the greatest rien includes a sacred coin blessed by Luang Phor Iam.

Luang Phor Iam, (Jao khun Tao) was born during the period of King Rama 3 in the Bangkuntien district of Bangkok on October 5th, B.E.2375,to the family of Mr. Tong and Mrs Ue. It was assumed that his father was a Mon and his mother was of Chinese dissent.

At the age of 9, Luang Phor Iam began formal studies at Wat Nang,and continuing his education from the age of 11 at Wat Bowan.and later at Wat Ratchburana.



At the age of 19, Luang Phor Iam was ordained a novice at Wat Nang and finally a monk at the age of 22 at Wat Ratchhradarahm where he studied Dhamma under Phra Pahwanahgohson, Phra Tammajadee and Phra SangWonWeMon.

He was a dedicated monk, and his hard work and devotion was rewarded when he reached his 16th Pansah (rain retreat). The 5th Monarch bestowed the title of Phra Kru.

Luang Phor Iam returned to Wat Nang where he became Abbot in BE 2442. It is known that he strictly observed the precepts of a Buddhist monk, never accepting material possessions other than donations to be used towards the maintenance and renovation of the temple. which was upon his arrival a deserted structure in poor repair..

He is known to have many teachers but one of the most important was Luang Phor Rod.who taught him many of the sciences requisite to the creation of his own amulets.In fact his first batch was blessed in BE 2433 and simply known as Pra Pitda Luang Phor Iam, and today these pims are worth a small fortune.

Other than Pitda for which he is most famous he also created many other pims such as Pra Maha Ut, Pra Udchannrong, Pra Kring and Takruts. He used many types of material to create these amulets but specifically sacred powders, metals and numerous Thai plants.. Typically his metal amulets were created from an alloy of smelted gold, lead and bronze.. Some of his most noteable metal pims were Pra Snkajai and Pra Kwampati.

His Pra Kwampati pim is quite interesting because it is often mistaken for Pra Pitda, even by experts. because of the similar classic gesture of the hands covering the eyes. Actually this gesture uesd by Luang Phor Iam to reflect the truth about Lord Buddha had how he had removed himself from all lust through his wisdom which ultimately led him the path to enlightenment.

He was highly respected by many people all over the kingdom, many would bring their children to be ordained by him.. Indeed the 5th Monarch who also held him in such high esteem treated him as his teacher. it is known for example that Luang Phor Iam taught the King a special katha (mantra) known as ''Ittipisoh Rian Dteui'': for Metta Mahaniyom (Loving Kindness), The King would always use this katha wherever he went. "It Ti Pi Soh We Se Se It It Se Se Put Tat Nah Me It It Me Nah Put Tat Dta Soh It It Soh Dta Put Tat Pi Dti It"

Luang Phor Iam was never arrogant despite his popularity and the attention bestowed on him. Instead he always said that he was just an ordinary monk, and in fact not as good as many of his teachers who had taught him Dharma