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Phra Kring  Luang Phor Tim , Wat Lahanrai  BE 2515


The first generation of Phra Kring blessed by Luang Phor Tim are all but unaffordable except to the most wealthy, where pims can exchange hands for extraordinary sums of money.

However there are  few superb alternatives, and if you own any reasonable Luang Phor Tim reference book you answer lies within.


The best of which is the Phra Kring Solos amulets blessed in BE 2515 to celebrate the 108th birthday of Wat Rachpradit. Actually a number of different amulets were blessed but the Phra Kring are the most popular for the very reasons stated above.

These amulets were blessed by Luang Phor Tim, but this was more than just passive participation, as he donated considerable amounts of sacred materials and powders which were used to create these amulets.

They are not only special for this reason but also because the consecration ceremony was attended by some of the leading monks of that era, and many would claim that these amulets are equally as good if not better than the original Phra Kring amulets blessed by Luang Phor Tim.

In total about 3,000 of the gold alloy Phra Kring amulets were blessed and these are by far the most sought after. Today many fakes make it an absolute necessity to have this pim authenticated, and our example has already been certificated.

Other than many original powders, phra kring from Wat Suthat and Wat Lahanrai, many senior monks throughout the kingdom also donated metal plates to create these phra kring, all hand engraved with sacred yant.

The design of the Phra Kring followed that of those from wat Suthat and the reverse of each Phra Kring amulet is stamped with the name of King Rama IV who honoured the temple. Wat Rachpradit was built by King Rama IV and after it was completed in B.E.2408, Pra Sasanasopon, a sacred monk of Wat Boworn Niwet, Bangkok, was invited to be the temple’s first abbot.

In B.E.2436, during the reign of King Rama V the Great, Pra Sasanasopon was appointed Supreme Patriarch, (Somdej Pra Sankarach B.E.2436-2442) but continued to reside at this temple.  


Consecration of these amulets lasted for nine days and nine nights to ensure maximum efficacy. Even Luang Phor Toh, the famous sacred monk of Wat Praduchimpli, Bangkok, had confirmed that the amulets were equally as sacred as the original amulets from Wat Suthat.

Apart from Luang Phor Tim, several other notable monks who participtaed  in the blessing ceremony were Luang Phor Doo of Wat Sakae, Luang Phor Toh of Wat Praduchimpli, etc