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Ajahn Kong Wat Bansuan

Prakru Pipatsiritorn,  or better known as Phor Tan Kong or Luang Phor/ Ajahn Kong, is an exceptionally famous Thai monk from Wat Bansuan, an affiliated temple of Wat Khao-or.

He was a close disciple of Luang Por Iad of Wat Donsala from whom he learnt many sacred sciences.

Ajahn Kong was born on January 7th, B.E.2445, in Kuankanun District, Pattalung Province. After the early death of both parents he was given refuge at Wat Donsala by Luang Phor Iad

His ordination at the age of 20 was attended by Prakru Gachard of Wat Pikultong, Pra Atikarn Noo of Wat Koh Yang and Pra Atikarn Chaigaew of Wat Partor,

Ajahn Kong is of course very well known for his sacred amulets and in particular the series he created with Ajahn Chum in BE 2511 which were presented to his Majesty who then donated them to personnel responsible for policing the volatile  province of Pattalung.