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Article Date : 05 July 2013
Article Author : Chris Jones

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Sacred rien of Lord Vishnu riding Garuda and Hanuman with eight arms manifesting his power. Yawn out stars and moons – “The 50th quarter edition.”


Luang Poo (Lp.) Kalong Keawkaew, Khao Laem Temple, Wang Tong District, Wang Somboon Prefecture, Sa Gaew Province.


Sacred Katha

“ Ohm Phra Narai Racha Upatawadaya jatukrutapahanaya harati sisachitaya akajchatu poonchatu kippayawip payatu sawaha sappa-oopatawawinasaya sappa-untraya vinasaya sukwattako hotu ayuwanna suka palang umhakang rakatu sawaha sawahaya.“ 

“ Ohm makanil-a-petch (the hermit has asked me to display my powers) tanuhuni hinahanu sungsatung yuwapawa karamati tung-utto-oot (I will display my nature, become a warrior) timahanu (I have held the moon and sun in between my lips) tanayhakun put-tungpid (Prince Hanuman rampants, covered with) Phra Poot-tang Tammangpid (Prince Hanuman rampants, covered with) Phra Tummang Sung-kungpid (Prince Hanuman rampants, covered with) Phra Sung Kung Anitasa Ah-uta Put-tang jung ngung Toh-klaew-klaad Phra jao yang bad Pati-say-wami kong gree-petcha kong kong ah. “

The rien of Vishnu & Garuda is considered to be amongst the most powerful amuletic coins. It is believed that these rien are capable of protecting the user from danger and all types of accident within the 10 cardinal directions. It helps to protect from the 4 elements of earth, water, wind, fire, and in addition other types of invasion by witchcraft. It is the superpower that controls the entire class of human beings, animals, and servants. It helps to manipulate these creatures by allowing the worshiopper to spread his power through fear.


It provides evasive capability when making an attempt to escape and a high degree of invulnerability against evil and other misfortune. According to the history of ancient war strategy, it is thought that certain talismans were capable of protecting the user and his attendants. . During the Ayutthya period the mastery of spells associated with such talismans was considered to be of vital importance to any commander of an army division.

The Brahman believes that the Medal of Vishnu & Garuda is recognized for creating the theoretical course of Ayutthaya. There is a combination of beliefs that kings are comparable to incarnates who were the successors of Lord Vishnu responsible for maintaining regional peace under reign. Therefore, the ancient people usually refer to their king to Lord Rama, which is derived from Ram, one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations.

Even though Lord Vishnu’s symbol is known to be one of the highest ranking emblem among the King’s class symbol. We can still observe many statues of Lord Vishnu and Garuda on the front pediment of various temples and other holy sanctuaries. The reasons were because teachers in the ancient times once believed that Lord Vishnu was the only God who fought to protect Buddhism throughout the entire Buddhist era. Therefore, the people of ancient days often worship Lord Vishnu as one of the most important God in their daily routine. Any divine magical spells, prayers or talisman relate to Lord Vishnu is considered to have the most significant importance towards mankind and Buddhism. The amulets of Lp Kalong were also created according to Lord Vishnu’s theory of war strategy passing it down from one generation to the next.


LP Kalong studied the theory of ancient war strategy and in particular the magical spells associated with talismans. This particular image of Lord Vishnu was common iconolgy for those engaged in battle. Study of Lord Vishnu’s strategic theory of war was in fact the basis of many of LP Kalongs amulets and takruts.

The figure of Lord Vishnu riding Garuda illustrates a mythological account of the king that rules the skies. He has empowered Lord Vishnu to surpass the might of all kings of the three arenas including the sea, ground, and sky. Practically, Garuda holds the naga within its claw as the victim. Naga, the King of ground and sea has placed itself below Lord Vishnu and Garuda allowing Lord Vishnu to represent himself as the King of kings. This is the explanation as to why the Lord Vishnu talisman is believed to be amongst the most important of all talismatic icongography. 



Holy Water

This rien can be used to create Lord Vishnu’s holy water for cure or as a preventative measure against misfortune

You are suggested to dip the Medal of Vishnu into the bowl of water, fill an ornate worship tray with flowers of three colours, add one candle stick and also six pence of silver. Repeat the prayers for seven rounds and make a wish according to your desire before you spray the holy water around the house or use it for shower. For those who are sick, you’re advised to drink the holy water before taking any other types of prescription. For the person who wants to increase fortune, they can take a shower with the holy water.


The Buddhist’s consecration rituals


1.      The Maha Phutapisek ceremony is a type of consecration rituals used to empower spiritual charms into items such as talisman, medals, etc. The activity was continuously held throughout 9 days & 9 nights at Boon Rod Temple in Phra Kanong, Bangkok, during the 16-24th June 2007. Lp Kalong was invited to be the President of the ceremony and he was joined by the other 32 famous monks including Lp Pean – Krernkatin temple, Lp Un – Tumkasoke temple, Lp Aem – Samngam temple, Lp Siri – Tal temple, Lp Sarun – Dongnoi temple, Lp Perm – Pomkaew temple, Lp Jua – Klangbangkaew temple, Lp Lum – Samakee temple, Lp Sri – Naphralan temple, Lp Perm – Pomkaew temple, Lp Aiad – Pailom temple, Lp Tim – Phrakaow temple, etc.

2.      The Maha Phutapisek ceremony was held on the 30th August of 2007, at Nhong Dong Temple, Poh Taleh prefecture, Pijit province. It was held by over 80 monks such as Lp Pean – Krernkatin temple, Lp Poon – Baanpan temple, Lp Na – Nhongbua temple, Lp Up – Tongsai temple, Lp Fu – Bangsamak temple, Lp Sao – Donyang temple, Lp Preecha - Khao-ithisooktoh temple, etc.

3.      The Phutapisek ceremony at Phradthu temple was held at Senah Ayutthaya prefecture. It started on the 15th September of 2007 by Lp Sawad – Salapoon temple, Lp Poon – Baanpan temple, Lp Aiad – Pailom temple, Lp Udom – Pichaisongkram temple.

4.      Lp Kalong prayed to consecrate holy medals throughout the Bhuddist lent ranging from June to October in the year of 2007.

5.      The Phutapisek and gold pouring ceremony held within Khao Laem temple’s county ceremony in Sra Kaew province was arranged on Saturday, 13th October of 2007. It was led by Lp Kalong as the head master and joined by Lp  Sont – Tungphra temple of Srakaew province, Lp Ma – Huakoonjae temple from Srakaew, Lp Pan – Nhongthim temple from Srakaew, Lp Ruay - Nhongri temple  from Cha Cherng Sao, Lp Dum - Khaoplutong temple from Chantaburi, Lp Vira – Pasalawan temple from Khoraj, Lp Jerm – Luangkru temple from Nakhorn Sri Thammaraj, Lp Chalerm – Puangnimit temple from Srakaew.

6.      The Maha Phutapisek ceremony at Sutad Temple, Sao Ching Cha, Bangkok, was held on Saturday, the 20th of October 2007. This ceremony was led by Lp Kalong as the chairman of the monk’s committee which includes Lp Yam - Samngam temple, Lp Jua - Klangnangkaew temple, Lp Up – Tongsai temple, Lp Pean - Thookda temple, Lp Un – Tumkasoke temple, Lp Siri - Taal temple, Master Kiw - Manicholkhan temple, Lp Uayporn – Donyaihorm temple, Lp Sompong – Maipinkleaw temple, Professor Somchai – Pnomchai temple, Lp Chang – Nhongyaimhao temple from Khoraj. The ingredients of the ancient casted medal includes old sacred slates of all Lp Kalong’s edition, a thousand sheets of war strategy’s talisman, molded pieces of Khmer’s thousand years old divine statues, metal alloy materials from Angkor Wat – 29,999 pieces of metal alloy material and 999 plates of sliver talisman were created in Thom city within the Thousand years of old Khmer kingdom. According to Lp Kalon, his only wish is to provide excellent worshipping artifacts for his beloved disciples.

In 2006, his temple has allowed only a hundred worshippers to be a part of the opening ceremony in the creation of the holy medals. Within a short span, the news and rumors of how Lp Kalong’s worshippers were protected by his holy medals from various types of accident spreads quickly throughout the region. This has a significant affect in the amount of holy medals produced increasing it from a scale of hundreds to ten of thousands within a single year. Lastly, Lp Kalong has told the ancient medal worshippers to always remained focus in whatever they do. He had ask them to repeat the prayers constantly in order to be a man of his principles, thus, keeping his protective medal in a safe and secure place.