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A number of Luang Phor Thuad pims were blessed in BE 2506, the most famous of which were those that were blessed at Wat Prasat Bunyawas and Wat Changhai.


Other 2506 amulets were created at Wat Pho (Wat Phra Chetupon Vimol Mangararam) , Wat Pha Kho Songkla, Wat Chaeng, Songkhla, Wat Gaang Suan (six sided rien) and Wat Sila Loy. Not forgetting the famous LP Thuad pims blessed by Mae Chee Boonreuan also blessed by LP Tim

However there was also one other significant batch  blessed in BE 2506 (illustrated below), known as Pim Lang Dtua Nang Seu and blessed by Luang Phor Tim Wat Changhai for three days and thre nights at Wat Iam Woranut on the 14-15th November BE 2506.



The amulets were then blessed on the 16th November by 108 guru monks, including

Luang Phor Noi, Wat Tamasala
Luang Phor Toh, Wat Praduchimplee
Luang Phior Nak, Wat Rakhang
Luang Phor Prom, Wat Chongkaer
Luang Phor Top, Wat Chondaen
Luang Phor Jong, Wat Natangnok
Luang Phor Pae, Wat Pikultong  etc

A second batch off powder based LP Thuad pims were also blessed at Wat Iam Woranut on the 24th May BE 2537, most of which were deposited in a kru.

One of my favourite pims was blessed at Wat Phakho, and in particular the Pim Yai, illustrated below