Article Hendri Leong - Cyber Criminal
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Article Author : Chris Jones

Hendri Leong - Cyber Criminal 
The Ugly Side of Amulet Collecting – From a Vendors Prospective

This brief article looks at the uglier side of amulet collecting and how dishonest purchasers have learnt to manipulate the media in their favor using tools designed to protect the public from abuse.

In this case I refer to a purchaser known as Hendri Leong, small time businessman from Indonesia. An individual that I instinctively knew from the outset had no interest in Thai amulets beyond a means through which he could crassly parade and display wealth.

This is typical behavior of such individuals where outward display of ones worth is considered a representation of their perceived hierarchal position in society. This may inspire a sham respect to those that are bullied but at the end of the day such people appear ridiculous in the extreme.

I was alerted to this trait when I noticed that his amulets that were being shown in various forums were being propped up by a Rolex. How crass is that? Further emails that he had sent asking me to view images of his supposed Thai friend with 800 guns further supported my initial thoughts. People such as Hendri attempt to further elevate their power and position through association.

Against my better judgment I supplied an amulet to this individual and purchased a solid gold case on his behalf. It actually took 2 weeks for him to actually specify the exact design of this case, it wasn’t to be an ordinary case, no, an ordinary wouldn’t sufficiently differentiate such a high class individual from the lower end of society. He was special and needed a special gold case to show that.

Having received his amulet the first response I received was in regards to the case itslef, which according him was not as big as he had expected . Not a single comment about the amulet, he was more interested in the size of the case…

I suspect that the size of case was some form of compensation for the obvious lack in size of other parts of his anatomy.

A few days later he had decided that the amulet was not the one that he had ordered and it was probably fake as he could find no reference to this particular example on the Internet.

He was sent the reference material to verify its authenticity and wrote back in delight and satisfaction. So much so he immediately started publishing photos of his newly acquired amulet and scans of the reference material on the Internet.

He couldn’t wait to show the world how he had just bought this expensive amulet and no doubt was fully expecting people on their hands and knees proclaiming him the new king if not the next president of Indonesia.

Replies were muted, his ego dented, no doubt his imagined new status was not materializing in the way he had hoped for. In actual fact he admitted this openly to me in an email.

His remedial action was to send the amulet back, it was now an amulet that he had never ordered.

But rather than discuss this issue with me, he preferred to imitate his hero Suharto and use strong arm tactics and open a case with paypal to ensure his victory. Why talk when you can just stamp on your perceived opponents.

Presented with a claim through paypal, a lost amulet and lost funds I replied offering a refund based on my terms and conditions of business. Terms that he was deemed to have accepted when placing the order

Essentially I  agreed to take the amulet back, as I knew that he was not really worthy to own it, but refused to give a full refund for a case which he had ordered through me on his behalf. I offered the scrap value of the gold, as this is all that I would receive, about 50% of the value. These terms are clearly written on my website.

But why should Hendri be subject to these rules, he is from a society where he gets what he wants through bribery and coercion. It must have been a shock to him that I had refused.

Unperturbed he continued his case elevating it to a full claim.

A claim that he lost, and wow was that a blow to him. Enraged that anyone could cross the mighty fish breeder and future president with a small dick he wants quick revenge.

He begins his campaign by publishing his case on the amulet forums, but rather than stick to the boring facts he embellishes his account with claims that all my websites are selling fake amulets and that I am a liar and cheat, gaining sympathy for his case as he further deviates from the facts and truth.

Yet still I will not bow down to the behavior of a dishonest and unscrupulous individual.

Realizing that this is not having the desired effects he starts to send email threatening to have me and my family shot by his powerful friend in Thailand that owns 800 guns. I should have let him know it would only take one gun but for someone used to excesses maybe he thought I would be impressed.

n the meantime one of his posts has been removed from a major forum due to slanderous comments, defamation of character and intrusion of privacy.

Next tactic is to spam my email box and email box of family members with disgusting vile email, although upsetting my family, I knew he was not sufficiently equipped. Further to that he then tries to bring down a charity website that I own and run, it is clear if he cant destroy me, he will destroy the lives of those less fortunate.

Fed up with his disgusting, vile and dishonest behavior I make one final offer to him of a full refund made up of a 50% cash refund and a 50% credit, an offer which he would not accept.

He has created a position for himself that in accepting such an offer all his claims would simply look as ridiculous as himself.

The moral of this story, is don’t believe all that you read and be vary wary of this buyer and now also vendor of amulets. Amulet dealers are often to blame for selling fake products but little is written about clients that act in an equally shameful way.  Hendri Leong is one such person, a total disgrace to himself and the Thai amulets community.

Hendri Leong has since opened an amulet website. I strongly caution you to take care, a large proportion of his amulets are fakes and copies