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Takrut Mayalapsakodtap - LP Gune

Luang Phor Goon, the sacred monk of Wat Pranon, Petchburi Province

Almost certainly the most sought after of all takruts in Thailand, in fact a takrut of legend. Pay less than 12,000 USD for the smallest version of this takrut and its almost certainly fake or an example blessed by one of his disciples. The takrut below for example is valued at about 20,000 USDSome examples can easily reach well over 1 million Thai baht or 50,000 USD plus depending on the length and condition.


Luang Phor Goon's Mayalapsakodtup Takruts are equally as famous as those of Luang Poo Iam of Wat Nang, in fact probably more so, although many collectors have never heard of them and that I suspect  has something to do with the rarity and value. Its seldom that you ever see one of these takrut for sale, and if you are wealthy enough dont hesitate, they will never depreciate.

These takrut were created on the night of a full moon, to ensure absolute power. Not only that they were all individually created in graveyards where the souls of the deceased would assist in the process. This was a time consuming process as the full moon only makes an appearance once a month. The yant also had to be engarved and then erased only to be engarved again in accordance with an ancient science, and it is this process that accounts for the rough surface of the takruts. The yant itself is made up of images from the legend of Ramayana, such as Hanuman and Shiva along with sacred spells. There is in fact a very detailed account of the yant and how it is composed, but is beyond the scope of this article.


The sacred metal plates used to create these takrut were engraved on both sides, quite different to that of his disciples such as Luang Phor Dep of Wat Pranon and Luang Phor Toh of Wat Torcharerndharma, who both engraved only a single side. This time consuming process is the reason that so few of these takruts were ever blessed, in fact it is generally estimated no more than 300 examples were created.

Rarity alone however does not entirely account for the value of these takruts, there is more to the story.  Other than being famed for ultimate Kong Krapan, invincilility, is also known as the takrut that could make people sleep (sakod). Actually the word Sakodtap literally means ''hypnotise an army''. Luang Phor Chah a senior monk of the province, for example,  recounted a story about a visit he made to a house that had been burgularised but everyone inside was sleeping. According to eye witnesses the thief had hung this takrut at the front gate. As a result of that event he became very interested in the history of these takruts and made a detailed study and concluded that this Takrut really did have the power to make people sleep.

It is only the very longest of these takruts that had the power to actually hypnotise an army and these are the eaxamples tat typically fetch the highest prices. Shorter versions are not thought to be quite as powerful but nevertheless inherit the same properties.
This shorter version for eaxampkle is valued at slightly less than 10,000 USD

The knowledge to create these takruts has been passed down through the generations and  today the best place to acquire a modern day version of is either from Wat Kaograjiw or Wat Chinaa


I Ti Ti Wa Pi
Ta So Pa Ka Budh
Wa Nung A Sa Ra Nus
Hung Ma Sum Vama
Tay Sum Ta Bud
Sut Toe Ti Vachracha Sa
Ja Ma Ra Tum Na Sa
Sum Ri Pun Pu No
Ro Su Ta Ta Nu To
A Lo Tu Ka Vi


Activation Katha

More specifically this katha is used when the takrut is physically attached to the body.

Suppa Sitti Pavum Tu May
Suppay Buddha
Pa Sup Put Ta
Pujjay Ka Nunja
Yung Palung Arahunta Nunja