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Article Author : Chris Jones
  LP Chaem of Wat Takong, Nakon Pathom Province, is one of the greatest WWII-period Guru monks. LP Chaem made many kinds of amulets, such as rien, Takrut, Phayant, Somdej, Nang Kwak, GumanThong, etc 

LP Chaem became the second teacher of LP Tae Kong Thong, Wat Sam Ngam, after LP Tha of Wat Paniang Taek, LP Tae's first teacher, had passed away.

Many of his amulets were placed in a Kru about 95 years ago, this was only recently dicovered about 25 years ago. The amulets were offered for sale by the temple, but with such limited numbers they were sold very quickly indeed.

Image showing the various amulets dicovered in the Kru