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Takrut Salika Pok Krung Putsa
Takrut Salika Pok Krung Putsa
Amulet Ref : BA3751
Monk : Luang Phor Thongsuk (Petchaburi)
Size : 4 inches
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Dtanoht Luang
Year : C. BE 2500
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Takrut Salika Pok Krung Putsa Takrut Salika Pok Krung Putsa


 ........ Takrut Salika Pok Krung Putsa
Luang Phor Thongsuk, Wat Dtanoht Luang, Petchaburi

This is unquestionably one takrut that should grace any amulet collection such is its fame. A takrut blessed by an old time guru monk, Luang Phor Thongsuk, from Wat Dtanoht Luang in Petchaburi province.  

Now rare and highly sought after we highly recommend this amuletic takrut.

It is firmly believed that this takrut is particularly efficacious, providing extreme protective power, in fact invulnerability (Kong Gra Pan) from weapons and all forms of danger, but not only that, Maydtra Maha Niyom  or the sacred power to influence appreciation and affection. In effect all round multiple blessings.

It is said that this power can easily be felt as a strong force. In fact there is a Thai saying about this takrut:

“before death, must possess it in this life”


A very beautiful example, one of the very nicest we have owend


Two variations of the same katha as given by Luang Phor Thongsuk:

Short Version:
Na Mo Put Thar Yah

Full version:
Na Metta Mo Karuna Puttah Pranee Thar Yindee Yah En Doo “A” Kue Tua Ku(A is myself) “U” Kue Kon Tanglai (U is others) A Ja Tam Arai Ku Dai U Manut Satthar Duay Na Mo Put Thar Ya  Tor Kah Pa Jao Duay Terd,  A Ra Hung Put Tho Put Tah Sung Mi Ei Sa Waa Su.

This takrut is unique being covered with sealing lac from the Monkey Apple Tree making identification easy even by novice collectors. What experts in the amulet trade call:



“Genuine to the naked eye, genuine to a hundred thousand eyes”

The takrut itself is made from Tong Daeng or copper and occasionally lead covered with the sealing lac from the Monkey Apple Tree, giving it a highly distinctive surface texture not seen in any other amuletic takrut. This lac is also mixed with medicine powder known as Pong Yaa

It is usually about 3 inches long and 2 hun. Prior to sealing the thick copper body is rolled and then bound with fine thread 7 times over. (The thread used is no longer found )  *hun  - a Chinese unit of weight.

Going back the old Thai saying “before death, must possess it in this life” actually comprises a short list of what generally are considered the most important amulets ever sacralised. Amulets in fact that should be actively sought before death.

Unfortunately most of these auspicious pims would today cost at least 100,000 Baht upwards and many cost considerably more with multi million Baht price tags. Strangely enough the only amulet that is affordable to the average collector is this Takrut and as such I would highly recommend that you take time to seriously consider this purchase.


The method to create these takrut  is known to be very complex and can only be achieved by an adept (Sian) and experienced master. The methodology strictly adheres to an ancient tradition, any deviation from which, would simply result in an ineffective and greatly inferior takrut. Timing for example during these rites relies on punctuality to the very minute.

The Older generation of Thai collectors refer to such amulets as “good both inside and outside”. Takrut Pok Krung Putsa of Luang Phor Thongsuk Wat Dtanoht Luang definitely fall into this category.


Take time to research this takrut and you will quickly understand why it is so highly respected with many miraculous events attributed to its inherent power.


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