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Takrut Thep Ranchuan - Luang Phor Aun
Takrut Thep Ranchuan - Luang Phor Aun
Amulet Ref : BA3730
Monk : Luang Phor Aun
Size : 5 Inches
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Rong Kho
Year : BE 2551
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Takrut Thep Ranchuan - Luang Phor Aun

Takrut - Luang Phor Aun

This takrut is known as "Thep Ranchuan" and was blessed by Luang Phor Aun, Wat Rohng Koh, Uthai Thai province.


Luang Phor Aun recited incantations over this takrut for three full moons prior to formal sacralisation at Wat Suthat on the 19th April BE 2551.

Also in attendance at the blessing ceremony were a number of other highly respected monks such as:

Luang Phor Galong, Wat Khao Laem
Luang Phor Jeua, Wat Klang Bang Gaew
Luang Phor Sari, Wat Dtan
Luang Phor Up, Wat Thong Sai
Luang Phor Lamai Suan Pasammunphra, Phetchabun
Luang Phor Reng, Wat Dongkhwaen, Uyjaithani
Luang Phor Nuam, Wat Pho Si, Suphanburi   

etc etc




The takrut itself is 5 inches long and made from rolled copper "Neua Tong Daeng. Each end of the takrut is bound with thread infused with his sacred powders. This is sealed with Rak and genuine gold foil. Luang Phor Aun inscribed all the sacred yant and spells on these takruts by hand.

To prevent fakes each takrut is laser etched with a security code. A total of 2,999 takruts were blessed.

This amulet will bring the wearer great luck., fortune and wealth from eight directions. You will be lucky with assets, gems, rings, money, and gold and become attractive to other people. 

It will bring happiness in the future and is believed to be effective in a commercial environment. When you visit senior executives or corporate owners, take this amulet with you as you will be favoured with mercy and promotion to higher levels. If you are a vendor, you will becocoded wme richer as a result of owning this amulet.. Besides that, it can protect you from accidents and other dangers.



This amulet contains five amulets of rolled brass, one-eyed coconut shell and a rosary top made from smelted sacred metals. Those components are put together as a sash. The Reverend Father Aun inscribed the amulets with incantations and magic drawing on the both sides. He rolled the amulet with Hirunyakmuanpaendin magic (Giant rolled the ground) and holy thread from a sacred ceremony of Prasrimahathat Temple in Pisanulok Province. He then added Chakrapat Powder (Emperor Powder) which he wrote himself.


After that, he covered the amulet with lacquer, gold plate, incribed with magic drawing named Buddha Aut Muan Lok (the Buddha rolled the world) which were the personal drawings of the Reverend Father Sook on every amulet. At the rosary top, there is the Reverend Aun image in the position of meditation with the code "LP. Aun" and serial number on the back. (A very limited number were made.)


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