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Somdej Lang Rien Satang, LP Prom, Wat Chong Kae
Somdej Lang Rien Satang,  LP Prom, Wat Chong Kae
Amulet Ref : BA3726
Monk : Luang Phor Prom (Nakon Sawan)
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Chong Kae
Year : BE 2516
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Somdej Lang Rien Satang,  LP Prom, Wat Chong Kae Somdej Lang Rien Satang,  LP Prom, Wat Chong Kae

Pra Somdej Lang Rien Satang - Luang Phor Prom – Wat Chong Kae, Nakon Sawan BE 2516


Luang Phor Prom is regarded as one of Thailand’s most revered and sacred monks. Today his amulets are very valuable and highly sought after by collectors. It was firmly believed by many worshippers that he could see the future and was often referred to as the monk with the “Golden Mouth” after many of his predictions were realized.

This was the last known amulet to have been blessed by Luang Phor Prom "Reun Suthai" in the year BE 2516, two years before his death.  Pra Pra Somdej with solid gold takrut to the front and a 50 Saleung coin to the rear. Front of the amulet is stamped with temple bell and the reverse with the stamp of Wat Chong Kae.

The blessing ceremony was also attended by Luang Phor See, Wat Tam Khao Bunak and  Luang Phor Oht, Wat Chan Sen. Typically this amulet will sell for about 200.00 USD but we have priced this pim to sell because of the very small chip to the reverse. A real bargain !

A highly collectible amulet which will increase in value.


Background - Luang Phor Prom

Luang Phor Prom Thawaro was born on Thursday 12th April, BE 2426 in the year of the goat in Tambon Banphraek, Amphur Maha Rat, Ayutthaya province.

During his youth he was schooled by a local monk, learning to read and write both Thai and Khmer.

On the 15th March BE 2447  he entered the priesthood at a local temple, Wat Keanlai, where he received the alias Thawaro bestowed upon him by venerable monk Tomya, his Buddhist preceptor.

He studied under many illustrious teachers of that era including Ajahn Puang, disciple of Luang Poo Mah Wat Bahng Muang,  from whom he learnt meditation “wí-bpàt-sà-naa”,  and black magic “wí-chaa săi-yá-sàat”.  Ajahn Puang was himself the disciple of Luang Phor Mah, Wat Bahng Muang, the great monk that taught the former King of Thailand, Pra Jao Thaksin Maharaj (Rattanakosin period).


He also studied sacred sciences from Ajahn Poowon and in particular incantation or  “Katha Aakom. Ajahn Poowon was the disciple of Luang Phor Nin, Wat Keow Pah Sak. He also further studied higher meditation under Luang Phor Dam and sacred sciences alongside hiscontempories such as Luang Phor Doem, Wat Nong Pho etc

Luang Phor Prom went on pilgrimage all over Thailand including Myanmar, reaching as far as Yangon where he was known to have visited the Shwedagon Pagoda to pay respects to the relics of three previous Buddha’s.

On his return to Thailand via the jungles of Kanchanaburi, he reached Mount Chongkae, Amphur Takhil,  Nakhon Sawan where  he took up temporary residence in a cave to shelter a storm. He used the opportunity of solitude to practice meditation and maintain the Buddhist precepts.

Local villagers learning of his existence invited him down to Wat Chong Kae which at the time did not have an abbot, in fact the entire monetary was neglected. It was not long after that he was formally invited to take up the position of abbot in BE 2460.

He sold much of his family land to fund the repair and reconstruction of the temple. It was here that he first started to bless sacred amulets to help in the effort to raise funds. Many of his amulets are uniquely bell shaped or stamped with a bell.

He remained at the temple for some 54 years and passed away on the 30th January BE 2518 at the age of 91. His body was placed in a glass coffin in the sermon hall, where it remains to this day in an undecayed condition.

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