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Name : Luang Phor Suphot
Temple: Birth Date:
Province: Bangkok      

Luang Phor Suphot, officially called “Prakru Buddhamontvaracharn”, learnt many sacred sciences which enabled him to create particularly efficacious amulets.

One of the most secret sciences was learnt  old book of Pra Kru Lamoon, one of the temple’s most famous senior monks.

These amulets are actually comprised mostly of powders from Wat Rakhang as Luang Phor Suphot was a close friend of Luang Phor Nak and Luang Phor Hin, both themselves experienced in making sacred amulets.

All of Luang Phor Supot amulets were blessed at a historical ceremony chaired by Somdej Pra Sangkarach Pae, the former Supreme Patriarch.

Luang Phor Supot participated in several other  important ceremonies, including the ceremony to create sacred amulets to celebrate the 25th century of Buddhism, the sacred ceremony to transfer sacred power into Wat Prasart B.E.2506 amulets, ceremony to transfer sacred power into Cholburi Province’s main Buddha Image in B.E.2509, etc.