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Monk Detail
Name : Phor Tan Kieow
Temple: Wat Huay Ngor Birth Date:
Province: Pattani      

On the 6th June BE 2494 Phor Tan Kieow joined the priesthood as a novice monk at Wat  Phatsima Watnango where Phra Kroo Ma Noon was the preceptor at his ordination ceremony.

Luang Phor Atikandam Titsaro, abbot of Wat Nango Nai was the Ajahn that taught him wicha akom, incantations, magic and occult sciences and indeed even taught Phor Tan Kieow as a laymen.

Phor Tan Kieow was friends with Luang Phor Tim of Wat Changhai as both temples were fairly close.  They both studied together and in particular pure religious studies and dharma. As a consequence they were both often seen together at various ceremonial proceedings such as the blessing of the BE 2497 Luang Phor Thuad pim for example. A  little known fact is that he was the monk that was responsible for blending the Neua Wahn.

He took up the position of Abbot at Wat Huay Ngor where as a monk he is well known for his loving kindness, maytdtaaa, and the many interests he has developed specifically to help others such as folk medicine and astrology.

He is well known fir his palad khik and takrut amulets.