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XMAS SPECIAL - 50+ LP Koon Amulets
XMAS SPECIAL - 50+  LP Koon Amulets
Amulet Ref : BA3803
Monk : Luang Phor Koon
Temple : Wat Banrai
Year : Various
Price : $ 199.00
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OVER 50 LP Koon Amulets with a value in excess of 1,000 USD


This is a very special offer just for Christnas.  A set of 40 LP Koon amulets. All GUARANTEED 100% genuine or money back and keep the amulets.

The price of LP Koon amulets are rising very sharply indeed now with most pims having increased by at least three times the value 12 months ago and in many cases up to 10 times the value.

 Own a shop, small internet business or just wish to collect LP Koon amulets this is an extraordinary offer that will not be repeated. Essentilly we are offering these amulets at less than 5.00 USD per pim...

Set of 12 LP Koon Rien - Various Dates / Value at least 200.00 USD
Phra Pitda Jumbo Reun Koon 88 Maha Sethee - (Silver Mask). Current Vlue 170.00 USD
Complete boxed set of LP Koon Enamelled Rien / Value 200.00 USD
nother highly sought after set of LP Koon Enamelled Rien / Value 120.00 USD
Rien LP Koon BE 2536 / Value 60.00 USD

Rien LP Koon Reun Phet Nam Ayk be 2536 / Value 50.00 USD

More Rien
Khun Paen Reun Koon Ruay Mahasanay 36 (19 Taakruts) / Current Market Value 165.00 USD


Pra Kring Pitda Hua Fak Tong BE 2536 With Certificte of Authenticity / Value 70.00 USD

Pra Somdej (Na Tong) Parisitoh Reun Maha Baramee 89 (Piset) /Value 160.00 

We will also be including a number of other LP Koon amulets.



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