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Nammanboromkhru Maha Sanay Udom Pohk Ka Sap
Nammanboromkhru Maha Sanay Udom Pohk Ka Sap
Amulet Ref : BA3809
Monk : Phor Tan Kieow
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Huay Ngor
Year : BE 2554 - BE 2560
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Nammanboromkhru Maha Sanay Udom Pohk Ka Sap

Nammanboromkhru Maha Sanay Udom Pohk Ka Sap – Phor Tan Kieow, Wat Huay Ngor Pattani & Taan Phor Saeng

This is a very special oil indeed and was created by two famous Keji Ajahn’s for the purpose of “Maha Sanay Dtaam Haa Niyom” or admiration and opposite sex attraction along with “Udom Pohk Ka Sap” or abundance of luck and wealth.

You cannot buy this oil any longer and we are fortunate to have in our possession two bottles. Many worshippers have claimed that this is particularly powerful with only the slightest quantity required to realize your desires


It blended from dozens of auspicious oils combined with hundreds of herbs and sedges and sacred powders from many famous monks. Another oil such as this is unlikely to be created again for some considerable time.

It was blessed on at least 20 different occasions by hundreds of Southern Keji Ajahn to substantially increase the efficaciousness. The main incantations used to bless this oil originated from an ancient manuscript on Phetphayatorn.


Below is a sample list of some of the sacred constituents used in this oil

“Nam Man Nang Peng”
“Nam Man Nai Nang Sun” “Nam Man Nora”
“Nam Man Luk” (5 types) Phor Taan Chaing Wat Baan Dee.
“Nam Man Dtu Han Maprao” (6 types)
“Nam Man Dok Taan Dta Wan” (Sunflower 7 types)
“Nam Man Seua” (Tiger Oil of Ajahn Pan, Wat Khao Or / Mystic School)
“Nam Man Jon Long” (Thief be Lost) – LP Kieow, Wat Huay Ngor
“Nam Man Sayk” (Magical Oil) Luang Phor Meechai
“Nam Man Mayt Dtaa” – Wat Khao Or
“Nam Man Chang” (Elephant Oil)
“Nam Dtaa Plaa Payoon” (Tears of fish- for Maha Sanay)
“Nam Man Gaa Jap Lak Por Gae” – Wat Baan Trang
“Nam Waan Yaa 108” (Medicinal Herbs)
“Nam Man Sak Seua Por Gae” – Rayong
“4 Nam Man 9 Glin” ( 4 sacred waters with 9 fragrances) – LP Kieow
“Nam Man Sak Seua LP Tim” - Wat Lahanrai / Ajahn Chalee

Sacred Power “Pong Naa Tong” (8 Types)
Sacred Powder “Pong Pook Khon Noh-Raa” (Attract people - 9 Types)
Sacred Powder “Pong Itijay”  - Wat Tong-Playng
Sacred Powder “Pong Kruba Wang” – Wat Baan Den
Sacred Powder “Pong Maha Sanay” – Wat Bpaak
Sacred Powder “Pong Luang Phor Dam” – Wat Dtu Yong
Sacred Powder “Pong Ajahn Kieopw” – Wat Rawaek, Korat

Sacred Herb “ Waan Pom Nangpaya” (My Queen)
Sacred Powder ”Pong Mang” Luang Phor Mui, Wat Bpaa Rakam
Sacred Powders “ Pong Bpaeng Pat Na Noh Raa” – Wat Nai Tao, Trang
Sacred Powder “Pong Praai Guman” – Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai
Sacred Powder “Pong Pitda” (50 Types) - Luang Phor Gaew, Wat Khruea Wan

Bees Wax “Kee Peung Bpra Sop Nayt”
Bees Wax 108 “Kee Peung Dee”
Bees Wax “Kee Peung Kao Phansa” – from 7 temples


Sacred Herbs “Waan 108”
Sacred Herb “ Waan Gaa-Fak” (Parasite Plant)
Sacred Herb “Waan Dok Tong” (Prostitute Herb)
Sacred herb “Waan Bpraap Ta Weep” (Subdues or Overcomes)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Hok Pra Narai” (Narayana / Hindu God)
Sacred Herb “Waan Seng Aafit” (Blood Flower)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Nok Kum” (Bird )
Sacred Herb “Gan Pai” (Protection from Danger)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Nang Ram” (Dancing Girl)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Nang Kum (Woman Take Care)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Jan-Daeng”
Sacred Herb “ Waan Jan Kieow” (Moon)
Sacred Herb “Waan Nang Kruan” (Woman Cries Out / Laments)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Kreua Kao Long” (Vine – Girl be Lost / Infatuated / Obssessed)
Sacred Herb “ Waan Chaang” mixed with “Koh Rong” (Elephant Herb for opposite sex attraction mixed with Gamboge Tree extract)


Coconut Shell “Galaa”
Tamarind Core “Gaen Makaam”
Coconut Meat “Neua Maprao”

Sacred Wood “Mai Yee Yaeng”
Sacred Wood “Mai Gai Guk”
Sacred Wood “Mai Ngiw Dam”
Sacred Wood ‘”Mai Fa Paa”  (Flatters, Extols)
Sacred Wood “ Mai Sang Goramee”

Blessing Ceremonies:

The first blessing ceremony was held almost 6 years ago on the 16th April BE 2554 at Wat Seemahapho, Pattani Province by Luang Phor Kieow who sacralised the oil at a special ceremony in front of a sacred Buddhist statue known as “Pra Pitda Por Gae” to ensure the infusion of power specifically for luck, wealth, attraction and Maha Mayt Dtaa” or great kindness. This ceremony was attended by many well known southern monks.

Further to that the oil was blessed a further 19 times at many different temples by many different monks for days on end.

1. Wat Bang Dtrang
2. Luang Phor Phrom, Wat Phlanuphap
3. Luang Phor Kieow, Way Hauy Ngor
4. Luang Phor Juan, Wat Yaang Daeng
5. Phra Mahaphusit, Wat Phrutu
6. 6 x Pra Ajahn, Wat Gut-Dti
7. Luang Phor Chaiya Wat Kuan Khiam
8  Luang Phor Herm, Wat Nong Chang Laen (Student of LP Tat)
9. Luang Phor Laap, Wat Khao Kop
10 Luang Phor Chop, Wat Champa
11. Luang Phor Bun, Wat Thamuang
12. Phor Taan Loi, Wat Thai Din Daeng
13. Phor Taan Iat Watkhokyaem (Keji, Wat Or)
14. Phor Taan Phong, Wat Chaeng, Pattalung
15. Phramahatrun Watkhaomueangkao, Pattalung
16. Pra Kru Jit, Abbot Wat Kao Meuang Gao

The last ceremonies were held on:

12th July
Blessed and recited incantations in a cave at Wat Khao Or the Southern Mystic School

14th August
Blessed and recited incantations in the compound at Wat Baan Trang

15th August
Ubosot Wat Baan Trang


Phor Tan Kieow - Brief Bio


On the 6th June BE 2494 Phor Tan Kieow joined the priesthood as a novice monk at Wat  Phatsima Watnango where Phra Kroo Ma Noon was the preceptor at his ordination ceremony.

Luang Phor Atikandam Titsaro, abbot of Wat Nango Nai was the Ajahn that taught him wicha akom, incantations, magic and occult sciences and indeed even taught Phor Tan Kieow as a laymen.

Phor Tan Kieow was friends with Luang Phor Tim of Wat Changhai as both temples were fairly close.  They both studied together and in particular pure religious studies and dharma.

As a consequence they were both often seen together at various ceremonial proceedings such as the blessing of the BE 2497 Luang Phor Thuad pim for example. A  little known fact is that he was the monk that was responsible for blending the Neua Wahn.

He took up the position of Abbot at Wat Huay Ngor where as a monk he is well known for his loving kindness, maytdtaaa, and the many interests he has developed specifically to help others such as folk medicine and astrology.

He is well known for his palad khik and takrut amulets.


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