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Khun Paen Maha Sanay Gai Gae BE 2553
Khun Paen Maha Sanay Gai Gae BE 2553
Amulet Ref : BA3775
Monk : Luang Phor Nayn
Temple : Wat Thung Setthi
Year : BE 2553
Price : $ 69.00
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Khun Paen Maha Sanay Gai Gae BE 2553 Khun Paen Maha Sanay Gai Gae BE 2553

Khun Paen Maha Sanay Gai Gae Mae Pla-Chon Um Guman - Luang Phor Nayn, Wat Thung Setthi, Bangkok.

The full name of this pim is "Khun Paen Maha Sanay, Gai Gae, Mae Pla-Chon Um Guman Doot Rok" and was blessed by Luang Phor Nayn, Wat Thung Setthi, Bangkok. Supplied with original temple case and in mint unused condition.

The Khun Paen amulet was created in strict accordance with the Khmer Wicha or sacred sciences of Wat Ta Ei, Buriram (Luang Phor Chuen). In fact these pims were blessed together with amulets from Wat Ta Ei at a special ceremony ( Pi-Tee Sao Ha) in BE 2553



The amulet itself is made from mnay thousands of auspicious components including the following;

Pong Gradook or Funeral Ashes from 200 people who died on a Tuesday.
Pong Itijay
Sacred powders of LP Peuak, Wat Ging Kaew
Sacred powders of LP Chuen, Wat Ta Ei
Sacred powders of LP Parn,. Wat Bang Nom Kho
Sacred powders of LP Resee Ling Khao
1,000 kinds of herbs and sedges - Pong Maha Waan
Pong Prai Guman of Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai
Pong Prai Guman of Luang Phor Tae, Wat Sam Ngam
Din Jom Bpluak (earth from termite hills)
Din 7 Bpaa-Cha ( Soils from 7 cemetries)
Sacred powders prepared from ground Khun Paen amulets
Pong Gai Gae (Old chicken)
Pong Mae Plachon ( Striped snake head fish
This Khun Paen pim is filled with Buddha's grace and the worshipper will  be blessed with Charm (Salika Koo to the front), Opposite Sex Attraction and Love, (Khun Paen, Crown Prince of Metta Maha Sanae and the double tailed jingjok to the front and In khoo to the reverse.) The Guman Thong Doot Rok can be individually called upon for FortuneThe reverse of the amulet also features 3 takrut known as "Takrut Maytdta Sam Gasat" for Compassion. Kindness and Mercy.

Beacsue of the known eficacy of this amulet it is now very hard to acquire and in fact bordering on rare.  We highly recommend this pim.

Luang Phor Nayn is known to posses an incredibly intense supernatural power having inherited his knowledge as a student of Luang Phor Parn, Wat Bang Nom Kho. It is said that his sacredx objects and amulets are inferior to none. He also directly received specialised knowledge in sacred sciences from many other monks including:

- Luang Phor Kam Mee · Wát tâm koo-hăa sà-wăn · jang-wàt lóp-bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Bunmee· Wát kăo-sà-mŏr-kon · jang-wàt lóp-bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Kamsaen  · wát bpàa don-moon · jang-wàt chiang-mài 
- Luang Phor Waen· Wát doi mâe-bpăng · jang-wàt chiang-mài 
- Kruba Mùak - Wát-don-chai 
- Luang Phor In - wát-lâat-tâa-mài · jor jan-tá-bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Kong · Wát wang-sàp-pá-rót · jor jan-tá-bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Kram - Wát-wang-wâa · jang-wàt rá-yong 
- Luang Phor  Chuen - Wát-mâap-kàa · jang-wàt rá-yong 
- Luang Phor Nit - Wát-táp-maa · jang-wàt rá-yong 
- Luang Phor Chûay · Wát dtrai múk · ( sìt-lŭang-bpòo-bpaan wát-baang-hîa ) 
- Luang Phor Pae · Wát pí-gun-tong · jang-wàt sĭng-bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Dto - Wát-bprà-dòo-chĭm-má-plee · grung tâyp 
- Luang Phor u ตต má · Wát wang wí-way gaa raam · jang-wàt gaan-jà-ná-bù-ree
- Luang Phor Nàai · wát bâan jâeng · jang-wàt prá-ná-kon sĕe a-yút-tá-yaa 
- Luang Phor Mían · Wát poh gòp-jao · jang-wàt prá-ná-kon sĕe a-yút-tá-yaa 
- Luang Phor  Huat - Wát-Sùwan-ná-daa-raam Ayutthya ( student of LP Ngern · Wát Baang Klaan ) 
- Luang Phor Kayn - Wát-sâe-u-dom-sùk · jang-wàt u-bon râat-chá-taa-nee 
- Luang Phor Cheun - Wát-dtaa-ee · jang-wàt bù-ree-ram 
- Luang Phor Rit· Wát chon bprà-taan râat-chá-dam-rì · jang-wàt bù-ree-ram 
- Luang Phor Pòok · Wát-gòr · jang-wàt pét bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Bplàyng · Wát wang-krái · jang-wàt pét bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Euan · Wát kăo-tá-mohn · jang-wàt pét bù-ree 
- Luang Phor Sùt · Wát gaa-lŏng · jang-wàt sà-mùt săa-kon 
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