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Mitmor LP Kant (XMAS OFFER)
Mitmor LP Kant (XMAS OFFER)
Amulet Ref : BA3805
Monk : Luang Phor Kant
Size : 9.5 inch
Temple : Wat Khao Gaew
Price : $ 599.00
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Mitmor LP Kant (XMAS OFFER)




This Mitmor was originally sourced for a client. We paid 900.00 USD for it just 2 months ago, which is well below its market value. (Sourced from G-PRA) Client did not proceed with the sale due to lack of we offer it  at a price you will NEVER be able to buy again anywhere, In addition we will always buy this mitmor back. THIS MITMOR WILL EASILY WIN AT COMPETITION IT IS THAT GOOD

Mitmor blessed by Luang Phor Kant/ LP Doem. Stunning original example with Ivory handle and wooden sheath. It is not often that you will see an original example of his 9 inch mitmor in such beautiful condition and whats more we guarantee authenticity for life. 

This mitmor is particularily special as it was also blessed by LP Doem.  We know this because this mitmor is a very early example known as "Mitmor Laai Naak Gieow" or Naga Seduces. You will find this Mitmor in every single publication about LP Kant Mitmor as it is an important example. This was one of the very first Mitmor that LP Kant created under guidance from LP Doem. One of the main differences between his mitmor and that of his master, LP Doem was the fact that he used stainless steel for the blade rather than iron, and one of the reasons that this mitmor has been preserved in such great condition.

Typically this mitmor even in thailand would sell in excess of 1,000 USD ++ and as such this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a genuine LP Kant mitmor at a sensible price.


ALSO NOTE THAT THIS MITMOR IS IDEAL FOR COMPETITION, and should easily be able to win prizes.



Luang Phor Kant, the disciple of Luang Phor Doem, inherited this knowledge, and continued the tradition, creating some of the most potent Mitmor ever made. He was born around BE 2420 and entered the priesthood in BE 2440, passing away in BE 2513. His knives are a perfect substitution for the very rare and expensive mitmor created by his mentor.

The word Mit Mor is a folk word to describe a medic or specialist knife. Mor meaning “specialist” and Mit meaning “Knife”. As such Mitmor literally means a knife created by a specialist in the sacred sciences.  

Mitmor created by Luang Phor Doem and his disciples are often called by two other formal names, Mit Dhep Sattra or ''the God's knife''  and  Mit Prab Pairee or the  ''conquering knife''. It is known that the mitmor carries comprehensive properties similar to that of an amulet, particularly for: - self protection - dispersing and conquering evil spirits - destroying all kinds of black magic including invulnerability - detecting poisonous food - making powerful holy water - healing diseases and illnesses by encircling the affected area.

Uncountable events in the past long years proved the efficacy of mitmor created by these masters. Miraculous phenomena often occurred; in fighting events,  gunman were frightened--their guns dysfunction or bullets would not penetrate into the knife's owner and assailants were killed by only one stab of a little knife. 


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