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Article Date : 03 July 2017
Article Author : Chris Jones

Pra Ruang Yeun Yiap Hu Phayak - Luang Phor Suk 

Luang Phor Suk amulets are nowadays very expensive indeed. Genuine examples easily cost in excess of 1,000 USD and generally beyond the budget of most collectors.

There are some alternatives that can reduce the cost of ownership quite considerably and one such option is the amulet detailed here. This is a rare amulet and one that is not generally available unless you belong to certain clubs or societies. 

Pra Ruang Yeun Yiap Hu Phayak recovered from Kru Chedi Haa Yot, Wat Huay Seua Phetchaburi province. This well documented amulet was blessed by Luang Phor Suk, Wat Makham Thao in the year BE 2464.


This particular example is Lord Buddha walking on the head of a Tiger. Other pims include, Pim Sankajai, and Pim Ngop Nam Oi


Wat Huay Seua is an ancient temple located at Bahn Laat, Phetchburi province, very close to where I live, and thought to date back to the Ayutthaya Kingdom. In former times this area was known for wild tigers and as a result the temple remained deserted 

During the reign of King Chulalongkorn the temple was restored to its former glory with the work being completed in BE 2464. Part of that restoration included the construction of a large pagoda to be used for the storage of Buddhist relics and amulets

To commemorate the completion a number of amulets were created as an offering to Lord Buddha. The occasion was given prestige by Luang Phor Suk, Wat Makham Thao, who was invited to bless the amulets.

This kru was damaged in BE 2515 and the amulets were recovered.

Despite the rarity these pims they are not as expensive as the majority of other LP Suk amulets and as such are an ideal alternative having all the same power as any Luang Phor Suk pim.

We do have one of these amulets in stock if you are interested

  Luang Phor Suk of Wat Pak Klong Makhamtao was one of the most famous senior monks in the Thai history and any of his amulets are in high demand by collectors and worshippers alike.

Many people have experienced the miraculous power of his amulets and its no wonder that they command such high prices.

After Luang Phor Suk passed away several decades ago it has become increasingly harder to source his amulets, most of which are now in the hands of individuals who realize their true value.

It should be of no surprise then that when a new Kru was found containing his amulets, it was very big news indeed, and attracted thousands of people to the temple. Amulet players and dealers realized the massive potential of such a find and hoarded at the temple in the hope of obtaining a few examples.

Even during his life time Luang Phor Suk was highly respected and was often invited to many temples to both create and bless amulets.