Article Luang Phor Jong
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Article Author : Chris Jones

One of the top 10 great Guru monks of Thailand was undoubtedly Luang Phor Jong of Wat Natangnok, Ayuthaya province.

Luang Phor Jong and another great monk of the province Luang Phor Parn of Wat BangnomKho were close friends each highly respecting the other. In fact they both had the same teacher, Luang Phor Soon of Wat Bangplamoh and Luang Phor Paan of Wat Pikulsokant.

Even though  Luang Phor Parn attained extreme levels of knowledge  of "Apinya" and "Wipassana", he still admired Luang Phor Jong and recognised him as a great  monk, in fact likening him to a statue of pure gold, such was his worth.

It was believed that Luang Phor Jong had himself attained such a high degree of knowledge  in "Patisamphithayan" that he was able to perform many miracles including the ability to  transcend time and space

Luang Phor Jong created many well known amulets since the outbreak of WW II. The majority of which  are well known for extreme protection from danger, bullets, and bombs etc.

It is also widely known that he did what he could to protect the province and the lives of the innocent by sprinkling sacred sand from a plane onto the land below.

Many miracles were recorded after this event and in particular a very high proportion of unexploded munitions.

Despite the fact that LP Jong passed away many years ago his amulets are still highy sought after and in particular by people from the province of Ayuthya who still recall his virtue and dedication to the province during the time of war. It is for this reason that his amulets attract premium prices and continue to rise.

LP Jong passed away on the 17th February 17th, B.E.2508, at the age of 93.

This amulet, known as the Crystal Wall is probably one of the most sought after of his pims blessed by Luang Phor Jong


Made and chanted at Wat Rumparam (A.K.A. Wat Kluey), Tha Wung district, Lopburi province in year B.E. 2504 (Only 3,000 pieces were made, making this amulet very scarce) The amulet was made of many hundreds of auspicious components including fragments of Phra Krus, Phra Somdej Toh, Phra Somdej Pilan.

27 great guru monks chanted this batch including Luang Poo Nak(Wat Rakhang), Luang Phor Nguen (Wat Don Yai Hom), Luang Phor Toh (Wat Pradu Chimplee), Luang Phor Nor (Wat Klang Tha-ruer), Luang Phor Pae(Wat Pikul Thong), Luang Phor Jong (Wat Nathang Nok) etc..

These amulets are commonly known as Phra Luang Por Jong's because he was the most Senior monk at the chanting ceremony and the style or form closely resembled the Phra Luang Por Jong's "Phra Kan Pai" amulet

The amulets may look alike but this particular batch "Phra Kampaeng Kaew" generally has a texture of powder that is rich in oil. Colour of the amulet is usually green yellow or brown.

This amulet is well known for its protective properties against evil, harm and bad influences.