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Hat Yai is the biggest city in Southern Thailand, being a centre for tourism, trade and commerce. It is located 950 KM from Bangkok and only 50 KM from the Malaysian border.

Wat Pakor Suwanaram is located a short distance from the town on the Echia Road, Amphur Na Mon and attracts disciples and pilgrims from all over Thailand, neighboring Malaysia and as far as Singapore due to the great faith in a former abbot, Luang Phor Tong Susanwaroh.

It is firmly believed that this great compassionate monk was a true ‘’arahant’’ who possessed ‘’apinya’’ or higher knowledge and had the ability to contact another famous monk of the south Luang Phor Thuad who died many years previous. It is also said by many he possessed a “ celestial eye” or could see into the future.

Luang Phor Tong passed away peacefully at the age of 92 on the 21st November in the year 2000 (BE 2543) at 12.08 pm, having served as the very first Abbot  of Wat Pakor for well over half a century. The temple is also often referred to as Batipat Pakor. Batipat simply means a place of worship.

Luang Phor Tong or more commonly known as Phra Achan Tong was born in BE 2452 . He was educated from the age of 6 at Wat Mae Pia, Amphur Namom, Songkhla, where at the age of 20 he was also ordained a monk and studied wicha as a disciple of Luang Phor Phet.  

As a young monk he would often travel to Malaysia and was stationed for long periods at Wat See Dtawam (Now called Wat Bunyaram) or Wat Tambun as it was known to the Chinese community.  He spent many years on pilgrimage in the southern states of Thailand and frontier towns at the Malaysian border

He was a strict vegetarian throughout his entire life and a relative of Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Seemahapho whom he would often visit as they were close friends.

His amulets are very popular with many nationalities, in particular his rien blessed in BE 2526 known as Luang Phor Thuad Lin Dam (black tongue) Niyom is one of the most highly sought after due to many reports of miraculous events associated with it.

After Luang Phor Tong passed away his body was preserved in a simple glass frame and today still shows no signs of decay. Originally it was planned to display his body for only 100 days so disciples could pay their last respects, but now years after the amazing preserved state is considered yet another of the many miraculous events that surround this monk. Many people in fact often state that it is almost as if he is still alive.