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Phra Somdej Kru Wat Kuti Tong Sayt Tong Gao
Phra Somdej Kru Wat Kuti Tong Sayt Tong Gao
Amulet Ref : BA3611
Monk : Pra Buddachan Toh
Status : SOLD
Temple : Wat Kuti Tong
Year : BE 2411
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Phra Somdej Kru Wat Kuti Tong Sayt Tong Gao Phra Somdej Kru Wat Kuti Tong Sayt Tong Gao Phra Somdej Kru Wat Kuti Tong Sayt Tong Gao

Phra Somdej (Pim Yai), Buddhachan Toh - Kru Wat Kuti Tong

Ayudhaya's Best Kept Secret


The ancient temple Wat Kuti Tog located in the province of Ayudhaya was constructed some 400 years ago and is thought to be of a similar age to other temples of the province such as Wat Pananchoen and Wat Dharmikarach.

It is known that in the year B.E.2147, HRH Lai (Prasat Thong), a high ranking military officer during the reign of King, Somdet Phra Songtham, had traveled to Wat Kutitong where he met Luang Phor Dee, who was then abbot of the temple.The sacred monk prophesized that he would one day become ruler of the Ayudhaya Kingdom.

He found this somewhat unbelievable as he was very much aware that the king had already appointed his son, Somdet Phra Chetthathirat, as heir to the throne.

Nevertheless he promised Luang Phor Dee that should his prophecy be fulfilled and become King he would return to the temple and cover the monks houses with gold.


It is said that Prasat Thong was a secret son of King Ekathotsarot and a villager. After the death of the king in BE 2173 he took control of power by way of a coup, murdering the young successor and king.

History tells us that he was an able leader but also brutal. He rose by violence, and then by crushing any threat to his position. Many officials and even some royal relatives of the previous reign were arrested and executed with high treason charges.


As self appointed king he was renamed " Somdet Phra Chao Prasat Thong" In fact the first king of what is now known as the Prasat Thong Dynasty, or the 4th dynasty of the ayutthaya kingdom.

True to his word he returned to the temple, renovating the structure and as promised covering the monks house with gold. This is why the temple is aptly named Kuti Tong, or gold monks house.




During the reign of King Rama III Somdej Pra Buddhachan Toh,Wat Rakhang had visited Wat Kuti Tong where he created and blessed a series of Somdej amulets, along with Luang Phor Saeng,. These pims were were deposited in a secret kru within the temple.

His visit to the temple occurred between his 77th and 80th year, BE 2408-2411. It was during this period that he sanctified a numbert of Somdej amulets for various temples. He first visted the province of Nakhon Panom, where he created the pims for deposit in the Kru at Prathat Panom.

Further to that in the year 2410 he then was to visit Wat Intawiharn, where it is thought that he also helped create and bless amulets for the temple before his final visit to Wat Kuti Tong and Wat Phitphian in Ayutthya province

Most experts consider these pims as the prototype to his latter and far more famous pims blessed at Wat Rakhang.

Apart from the somdej amulets created by Somdej Toh, other amulets blessed by Pra Ajahn Saeng, a former abbot, were also discovered.

One of the more interesting aspects of these Wat Kuti Tong pims is the fact that the majority of the amulets were created with sacred powders appropriately mixed with pure gold. Close examination will more often that not reveal this inclusion.

It was after this period during the years 2411 - 2415, his last years, that he went on to create amulets for Wat PraGaew (Wang Na), Bangkhunprom (Wat Mai), reclining Buddha at Wat Sadeu etc Like many of his amulets not blessed at the major Bangkok temples these pims have never attained the same value or noteriety.


 Clearly visible are miniature nuggets of gold.

Much of the information about Somdej Tohs pims from Wat Kuti Tong are detailed in a book written by Lieutenant Colonel Sawat Butsarakham tohs on the history and origin of His Majesty Prints.

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